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Germany T.K

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searching for a German/English team,
classes :

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Xenon [Highlander] Kimo
Joined Rainbow Toothbrush [6on6] roboprod
Left Above average in England [6on6] T.K
Joined Above average in England [6on6] Spectat0r
Left Epitome of gameplay [6on6] T.K
Joined Epitome of gameplay [6on6] roboprod
Left Flagellum [6on6] Rayzan
Joined Flagellum [6on6] dududul POPOPOL
Left MANNDEM CO. [6on6] T.K
Joined MANNDEM CO. [6on6] Zolith
Left Clinical autism [6on6] yugo
Joined Clinical autism [6on6] yugo
Left Can't toii with the boii [6on6] Zolith
Joined Can't toii with the boii [6on6] Zolith
Left Kaiser [6on6] T.K
Joined Kaiser [6on6] roboprod
Left Steven Is Desirable Syndrome [6on6] T.K
Joined Steven Is Desirable Syndrome [6on6] Not Steven
Left Muscled Birds [6on6] [W.P]SexSlave
Joined Muscled Birds [6on6] [W.P]SexSlave
Left High(t) Dudes [6on6] T.K
Joined High(t) Dudes [6on6] HightDetal
Left Team Crit Magnets [6on6] NYK
Joined Team Crit Magnets [6on6] NYK
Left Delta le-sport [6on6] T.K
Joined Delta le-sport [6on6] stepanex
Left Alcoholics Anonymous [6on6] T.K
Joined Alcoholics Anonymous [6on6] hazz
Left Sentinel Gamers [6on6] T.K
Joined Sentinel Gamers [6on6] Cinder
Left ThaDudes [6on6] T.K
Joined ThaDudes [6on6] Dulek

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