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Ireland cider

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Copenhagen LAN ^^
medic for 6s

maybe soldier in HL fun team? XD

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Joined The Shaggers Club [Fun Team] Stylax
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Left cider > ramzy [Fun Team] cider
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Joined home alone [2on2] dududul POPOPOL
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Left KaoS eSports [6on6] cider
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  1. oJ: :() - BREXIT said:

    never dies?

  2. Stylax: SHAG said:

    She’s alright

  3. Deki: soyboys - COGU said:

    get cider
    get 1st place

  4. [blank]: .Qc` said:

    Good med nice person

  5. Kraken: la bamba - EDO said:

    obvious pickup, very friendly and reliable for lan, already a professional gamer

  6. phalanx said:

    made more money in one weekend playing tf2 than i did in 6 years

    also very chill healer person

  7. joe the brave: (Newswriter) - soyboys - COGU said:

    big heals and brain

  8. marten: TBC - inv said:

    very good medic would recommend!

  9. Pepis: BNR - bjT said:

    Nice, friendly and has heart not to drop me. Asian brain best brain, best pickup eu.

  10. Dj Assassin: LEX - LLL said:

    good medic with some nice advice :)

  11. tavi: PAINT - hi im dog said:

    Cider will heal u both ingame and irl so wtf why wouldnt u pick her up

  12. Hannes: :() - BREXIT said:

    So good at medic class, very sexy too ;)

    LAN proven gamer

  13. Cougar: =__> - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    Installed a furry dating sim on my pc +rep

  14. gatsan: HK - VALH said:


  15. Ashley: =__> said:

    cider: hii im lft for lan, can u comment something for me?
    ash: sure

    (real talk though, cider is very keen and really just nice to be around, you’ll have a good time with her)

  16. dempsey: soyboys - LLL said:

    i hear they enjoy some cider, +rep

  17. ReBBeR: NIV said:

    One of the best medic I’ve ever seen :) Let her to carry your team bois :>

  18. klaxir: ceL. - KP said:

    Great player because of her eager and focused attitude. Has lan experience and strives for success, whilst keeping a very positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Won’t regret picking her up :D

  19. Dr Happiness: (League Admin) - SHAG said:

    Never had a bad experience with her. Infinitely positive and a fantastic medic to boot. Definitely worth picking her up.

  20. Flash: SHAG - ty said:

    +rep, very good at plugging in ethernet cables at lan

  21. Mike Rotch: NW - IBU said:

    good calls, understands the videogame

  22. Hugo: Beyond PL - BREXIT said:

    good gamer

  23. d3lirious said:

    What can you expect more from her? Brain + positive + chill + good medic, definitely worth picking her up

  24. guraoz said:

    The best player I’ve ever seen in Auditions Online, would pick her over anyone to be my partner.. 180BPM songs don’t scare her, she also thaught me many of the strats she’s learned over the years.

    She’s just as good at TF2.