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Finland Pepis

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Apparently there's something called a "pepis syndrome."

I guess everyone else knows best, but still feeling like playing pocket/flank scout. I just want to play with nice guys and play nice mid games. I'm also shy and born cringy. Nonetheless seasoned scout.

Feel free to add.

main/sub mid-/mid

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Action Team By Date
Joined Bioneer [6on6] Metso
Left Nasty Wankers [6on6] Pepis
Joined Nasty Wankers [6on6] CoppyZ
Left FaZe Clan [6on6] Pepis
Joined FaZe Clan [6on6] Sheezer
Left Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] Pepis
Joined Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] meh
Left Alepagamers!!!1111 [6on6] Pepis
Joined Alepagamers!!!1111 [6on6] MoBa
Left Randavad Raimed [6on6] Pepis
Joined Randavad Raimed [6on6] Konna
Left We don't care [6on6] Pepis
Joined We don't care [6on6] Silvermaster
Left Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] Habeef
Joined Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] Habeef
Left deadgaming [6on6] Pepis
Joined deadgaming [6on6] Five baz
Left European mix [6on6] Silvermaster
Joined European mix [6on6] Silvermaster
Left Mix^ [6on6] Kamogawa
Joined Mix^ [6on6] Kamogawa
Left EESTI PREM [6on6] Pepis
Joined EESTI PREM [6on6] Named
Left lapio [6on6] Pepis
Joined Bud Jet Tuukkas [Highlander] Hachu
Left Highlander tiimi [Highlander] Pepis
Joined lapio [6on6] Julletin
Left 3/6 [6on6] Pepis
Joined 3/6 [6on6] Crayon
Left Autismi Tölkissä [6on6] Pepis
Joined Vello Vorm [Fun Team] Hei
Left ggd. [Fun Team] Pepis
Joined Autismi Tölkissä [6on6] Charred
Left Tip Top [6on6] Pepis
Joined Tip Top [6on6] Chopp
Left Potato Knishes [6on6] Pepis
Joined Potato Knishes [6on6] Spooble
Left Illusion [6on6] Pepis
Joined ggd. [Fun Team] sheff
Joined Highlander tiimi [Highlander] Punkka
Joined Illusion [6on6] Janqe
Left torigrilli [6on6] jx53
Joined torigrilli [6on6] jx53
Left Kauniit ja Rohkeat [6on6] make
Joined Kauniit ja Rohkeat [6on6] Pepis
Left Forceburger hit Squad [6on6] Pepis
Joined Onerous Onanist [1on1] Pepis
Joined Forceburger hit Squad [6on6] Pepis

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  1. catbowcar: PAINT said:

    he plays more than u and is a nice lad pick him up or die

  2. Cougar: =__> - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    nicest person and funny
    also he will link you things

    can definitely play mid

  3. kodeeey: LMM - Alligator said:

    nice guy and super keen gamer, please pick him up

  4. int: ceL. said:

    give him a go!

  5. Lux: ︻芫═一☺ said:

    dedicated player who deserves a lovely team :)

  6. cider: PrettyGay - honk! said:

    ignore your first impressions of this guy. give him a chance and get to know him better, you’ll find that he is a great player and friend! ^^

  7. Vouri: FAINT - inv said:

    pepis is a sick player for mid pick him up to win

  8. muuttolintu: 1500 said:

    Good and keen player, pick him up

  9. yaynos: SELECTED. - RAT said:

    pepis is my favourite scout in the game pick him

  10. Setlet said:


  11. vladandreiy: ulu - Alligator said:

    really good pick up

  12. Stylax: SHAG said:

    He’s quiet at first but you just bully him into talking and find out he’s a really sound guy. Comms fine in game. Wanted him in our team.

    Good player, and Finnish.

  13. DuMmTm: >o_ said:

    +rep always looks for ways to improve

  14. Scyper: =__> - WCS said:

    Will do well in mid. Pick him up!1

  15. Aga: 4hire - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    he’s better scout than me and i’m ok :)

  16. _gar said:

    Good scout for mid. Pick him up

  17. yaynos: SELECTED. - RAT said:

    pick him up now.

  18. Spectat0r said:

    Pick him up

  19. gatsan: HK - VALH said:

    he is reincarnation of jesus
    can handle mid easily pick him up

  20. mak: theorist - -Xe- said:

    really nice guy

  21. Silvermaster: EDO said:

    He is good <3

  22. WRU said:

    all the best to this lad

  23. stepanex said:

    has multiple dead teams in his team history ✔
    played in team that made it into prem after he left ✔
    has stepanex in friend list ✔

    what more do you need, trial him

  24. Pepis: BNR - bjT said:


  25. Sen: myx said:

    very solid dm and amazing movement! crazy scout