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Finland kola

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I guess I'm still lft, but I think people don't care so have a good day.

Available pretty much every day and Keen gamer.

beam ??? beam less

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Joined Garda Panteri [6on6] Marv
Left seb esports gaming association [6on6] kola
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left Saukot [Highlander] kola
Joined seb esports gaming association [6on6] shadyr
Left Keep calm and Kola on [6on6] kola
Joined Keep calm and Kola on [6on6] Freakie
Left conveyor belt with a brain [6on6] kola
Joined Syva hiljaisuus [Fun Team] Sjukel
Joined conveyor belt with a brain [6on6] armadillo
Left seb esports gaming association [6on6] kola
Joined seb esports gaming association [6on6] shadyr
Left FaZer Clan [6on6] kola
Joined Saukot [Highlander] RaNDoMiZe
Left SENSATION [Highlander] kola
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Firefly
Joined kola on weeb [2on2] kola
Joined Death's HanD [1on1] kola
Left [Highlander] kola
Joined FaZer Clan [6on6] Allyson
Left Kola has autism [1on1] kola
Left geekRage [6on6] kola
Joined geekRage [6on6] maggy
Left FaZer Clan [6on6] kola
Joined [Highlander] ALX-1
Joined FaZer Clan [6on6] Mason
Left teamK [6on6] kola
Left fetissiSQUAD e-Sports [Fun Team] kola
Left Bud Jet Tuukkas [Highlander] kola
Joined Kola has autism [1on1] kola
Joined teamK [6on6] Living Weapon
Left Karitan Katalat Kanit [6on6] kola
Joined Bud Jet Tuukkas [Highlander] Hachu
Left Salty Gamers [Highlander] kola
Joined fetissiSQUAD e-Sports [Fun Team] Dragonce
Joined Karitan Katalat Kanit [6on6] Dragonce
Left PreGame Tryhards [6on6] cL42
Joined PreGame Tryhards [6on6] Foski
Left P'o'ksoppa [6on6] kola
Joined Salty Gamers [Highlander] olav
Left ٩( °‿°)۶ [Fun Team] kola
Joined P'o'ksoppa [6on6] W#3
Left Persereikäleipä [6on6] kola
Joined ٩( °‿°)۶ [Fun Team] Luikuri
Joined Persereikäleipä [6on6] ekimaister
Left Skybox Is The Limit. [6on6] kola
Joined Skybox Is The Limit. [6on6] Jepz

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  1. kola: REMOVE - pizza said:


  2. Mason: (ETF2L Donator) - chumtoad. said:

    give this guy a team

  3. Lurkki: SCOOPER - SEKS (me) said:

    dobry igrok)

  4. Piro: pizza said:

    ??? good gamer yes

  5. kola: REMOVE - pizza said:


  6. csiga: L3RD - pizza said:

    great aim

  7. seeds: -chess- said:

    incredible and really good teammate

  8. Offside: .exp said:

    he’s finnish, he must be cool!

  9. kola: REMOVE - pizza said:


  10. kola: REMOVE - pizza said:


  11. narkkari: bisenen - kiti said:

    yeahhhhh boy

  12. Jake: GbK said:

    Very good player will not disappoint
    Doesn’t tilt because he’s dead inside :C

  13. kola: REMOVE - pizza said:


  14. kola: REMOVE - pizza said:


  15. cider: is dtf - ty said:

    waddle waddle~

  16. kola: REMOVE - pizza said:


  17. Doughy said:


  18. seeds: -chess- said:

    absolutely amazing and a really lovely guy

  19. mak: [HUU!] - SENS said:

    +rep aim KING.

    fr tho good scout give him a chance on either role.

  20. hamaham: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ said:

    my e-bf uwu >///<

  21. Jordy: [HUU!] - SENS said:

    super nice boy i love him