DemomanHeavyPyroSniper  High/Mid Skill, Highlander

England MrBliss

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UGC Only

Really want to snipe next UGC season just for fun.

Will do demo or heavy for a slight change

Pyro in plat only unless I really like you :P

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  1. 2Fast4Hax: ooo - pootis XD said:


  2. Chasing: ReS said:


  3. messy: lit - MJC said:

    good gamer, sends excellent snapchats
    also is stoned a lot so that’s a plus
    fat plays

  4. You will pay for you: dP - Twisted said:

    bad pyro main that takes 20% heals and be totally useless with it, pick him up :D

  5. Kenny said:

    definitely not high but a solid mid player, pick him up if you want a decent pyro main or med