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Scotland greenrab

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I enjoy tf2, I would like to play some tf2.

(Don't really want to play med in mid.)

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Treebeard eSports [6on6] Yohn
Left not dead doggo [6on6] greenrab
Joined doggolander [Highlander] lor_is
Joined not dead doggo [6on6] lor_is
Left Dead eSports [6on6] greenrab
Joined pet the doggo [Fun Team] eepily
Joined Dead eSports [6on6] ash
Left not dead doggo [6on6] greenrab
Joined not dead doggo [6on6] lor_is
Left Stronger In: The European Onion [6on6] greenrab
Joined Stronger In: The European Onion [6on6] lor_is
Left Elite Cucumber Stackers [Highlander] greenrab
Left Absent [6on6] greenrab
Joined Elite Cucumber Stackers [Highlander] mnemo
Joined Absent [6on6] hr
Left Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] iatgink
Joined Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC [6on6] iatgink
Left Team Satisfactory [6on6] greenrab
Joined Team Satisfactory [6on6] ash
Left Seagulls [6on6] greenrab
Joined Seagulls [6on6] kane
Left project b0ss [6on6] greenrab
Joined project b0ss [6on6] alba
Left Disneyland [Highlander] greenrab
Left Straight Outta Swampton [6on6] greenrab
Joined Scotland [National 6v6 Team] sheepy dog's hand
Joined Straight Outta Swampton [6on6] taro
Left The Enigma Zone Crew [6on6] greenrab
Joined Scotland [National Highlander Team] Fenrir
Joined The Enigma Zone Crew [6on6] Coleman
Left Pipe Dreams [6on6] greenrab
Joined Pipe Dreams [6on6] ehdoo
Left Hakuna Matata [6on6] greenrab
Joined Disneyland [Highlander] greenrab
Left Tea-Mates [Highlander] greenrab
Joined The Green Team [1on1] greenrab
Joined Hakuna Matata [6on6] greenrab
Left Team Zeta [6on6] greenrab
Joined Team Zeta [6on6] greenrab
Left isaninja [6on6] greenrab
Joined Tea-Mates [Highlander] greenrab
Joined Uberdrop [2on2] greenrab
Joined isaninja [6on6] greenrab

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  1. ult1mate: said:

    :-) best ubers when he actually uses

  2. Yohn: Tree said:

    Top guy, great beard and god gamer

  3. zeFrosty: GbK - zap said:

    this dude is amazing, plus has an epic beard

  4. seeds: UP said:

    very awesome

  5. mattu: Rakuzan said:

  6. streep36: (ETF2L Donator) - APEX - KAAS said:


  7. Ash: ty said:

    greenrab is the sweetest boy +rep

  8. cider: pMs - ty said:

    nice beard

  9. joe the brave: (Newswriter Trial) - .fm - Comp G said:


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