Spy  Mid/Open Skill, Highlander

Bulgaria Greenwood

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Looking for Open or Mid team,playing for win.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Dorritos [Highlander] Greenwood
Joined Dorritos [Highlander] Greenwood
Left nonameBitch! [Highlander] Greenwood
Left Super Strong Sexy Primes [6on6] DUCKSLAYER
Joined nonameBitch! [Highlander] otto
Joined Super Strong Sexy Primes [6on6] quantum
Left Unusually Tall Midget Divers [6on6] Greenwood
Joined Unusually Tall Midget Divers [6on6] Greemu
Left ~The Fugitives~ [Highlander] Greenwood
Joined ~The Fugitives~ [Highlander] m0x
Left PTSD PATIENTS [Highlander] Greenwood
Joined PTSD PATIENTS [Highlander] samii
Left MadnessTF [6on6] Chochy
Joined MadnessTF [6on6] Chochy

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  1. Ma[d]: 3fejukutya said:

    never heard of this guy lmao

  2. o_O said:

    cool xd

  3. o_O said:


  4. ERyx said:

    Pro Spy

  5. [RR] Fruit shop owne said:

    Very good spy +rep

  6. wackydog123 said:

    good player amazing guy please join he is worthy of an amazing team

  7. MrBliss: FC - oto said:

    Pretty decent player. Will do well in any team looking to win open or play low mid!

  8. meh said:

    amazing trickstabber can wipe out the whole enemy team in less than 10 secs

  9. stalky: PAYDAY 2 - TSxS said:

    a very good pick for open! i think he could do fine in mid too!


  10. stexer: TC - NG said:

    What i have seen from lobbies he has done well, i suggest playing a good season in open to gain experience first.but yeah definetely good pic for any open team :)

  11. CheeSe said:

    seen this guy on tfc, hes a pretty good spy.

  12. Chasing: Ja said:

    tf2c prod

  13. Greenwood said:


  14. Fire: SENS said:

    better than redwood

  15. Greenwood said:


  16. Couper: PORG said:

    ..*..°..** Get him or uninstall.~ ..*..°..**