Scout  Mid Skill, 6on6

European catbowcar

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yo team haha any flank or pocket please im desperate

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left we are bigfoot [6on6] catbowcar
Joined we are bigfoot [6on6] catbowcar
Joined big man like me wit a beard [Highlander] catbowcar
Left keep your creamy buns out of my face [Fun Team] catbowcar
Joined keep your creamy buns out of my face [Fun Team] eldocwho
Left still got the badge still got the gun [6on6] catbowcar
Left _Target Gaming [Fun Team] NURWHAL
Joined _Target Gaming [Fun Team] mak
Left The Foreskin Devourers [Fun Team] catbowcar
Joined The Foreskin Devourers [Fun Team] Klin
Left DPRK [Fun Team] catbowcar
Left shitheads [2on2] catbowcar
Joined DPRK [Fun Team] Nagle
Joined shitheads [2on2] catbowcar
Joined PREACHING PAUL [1on1] catbowcar
Joined still got the badge still got the gun [6on6] catbowcar
Left Strafe Into My Rockets [6on6] catbowcar
Left [Highlander] iKill_
Joined Strafe Into My Rockets [6on6] Triga
Joined [Highlander] iKill_
Left Yes! We're Open [6on6] catbowcar
Left Unforeseen Consequences [Highlander] KoS_8BiT
Joined Unforeseen Consequences [Highlander] KoS_8BiT
Left SS. Disaster [Highlander] catbowcar
Joined Yes! We're Open [6on6] JENNYDEATH
Left untitled team. [6on6] quibinary
Joined SS. Disaster [Highlander] El chippo
Joined untitled team. [6on6] quibinary
Left ramm [6on6] Triangle
Joined ramm [6on6] Triangle

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  1. seeds: unknown - UP said:

    im good and very nice and go to school

  2. charle: unknown - UP said:

    im good and very nice and go to school

  3. catbowcar: UP said:


  4. ToemaS_: .gav - UP said:


  5. Ace: Rakuzan - dab said:

    very keen
    he deserves a team

  6. Bycoon: verb - TSxS said:

    wanna win open

  7. Cougar: ° - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:


  8. croix said:


  9. dodef said:


  10. catbowcar: UP said:

    said by dodef

  11. dodef said:

    that doesnt deny the fact that youre open

  12. catbowcar: UP said:

    and you have dimensia

  13. seeds: unknown - UP said:

    a l z h e i m e r ‘ s

  14. Lerec: 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 said:

    He is pretty keen and a nice guy but needs to work on his dm alot

  15. mak: MegaGamer - -Xe- said:

    catbowcar is one of the most virtuous warriors of Islam I have ever had the pleasure to fight alongside.

    Legit a fine mid scout, just sculpt him to how you want him to play in your team (so might be tough mid season) and it will work out fine. Also pretty good on that sniper offclass.

  16. gatsan: TL² said:

    nice voice

  17. Spanns: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - pizza said:


  18. catbowcar: UP said:

    still looking big man

  19. Klassy: Tree said:

    dodefs open, cats keen and can play mid if his team is equally motivated

  20. seeds: unknown - UP said:


  21. charle: unknown - UP said:

    klassy said it very well

  22. seeds: unknown - UP said:

    he sex offender

  23. kola: SEGA - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:


  24. catbowcar: UP said:


  25. Matthes: .gav - UP said:

    crazy dickhead

  26. Sprite: .gav said:

    give him a team or DIEath 4 u my friend

  27. .strix: 2eZ said:

    he’s improving so fast, give him a mid team

  28. Alive: .gav said:


  29. TBE pez: Bianka said:

    get this dickhead outta here lmao

  30. catbowcar: UP said:


  31. seeds: unknown - UP said:


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