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UnitedKingdom CoYoTe

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Roamer or pocket idc
Inexperienced but I think I'm a pretty quick learner, sure I can improve a lot if given time actively playing in a team that also wants to improve.

Epic Edit (!) : I just want a teAM add me idc if ur team is 0-18 i just want games FAcK

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Action Team By Date
Joined Muumit eSports (powered by Sek) [Highlander] Broly
Joined APEX [6on6] DuMmTm
Left tailless amphibian eat baguette [6on6] CoYoTe
Joined Divine Fanclub [Fun Team] DuMmTm
Left prolands cup ex dee [Fun Team] CoYoTe
Joined prolands cup ex dee [Fun Team] Jamie
Joined tailless amphibian eat baguette [6on6] dural
Left verbfusion [6on6] Bycoon
Joined verbfusion [6on6] Bycoon
Left Pooper Scooper Sooper Troopers [6on6] CoYoTe
Joined Pooper Scooper Sooper Troopers [6on6] Broly
Left British Chaos [6on6] CoYoTe
Joined British Chaos [6on6] Ant
Joined drok [2on2] CoYoTe
Left Reverend WAR and his disciples [Fun Team] CoYoTe
Left big owners [6on6] CoYoTe
Joined big owners [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined Reverend WAR and his disciples [Fun Team] duckynator5k

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  1. Broly: SCOOPER - SEKS (me) said:

    inbred and gay… leaves teams

  2. Funs: MUUQ - S-O said:

    a boy

  3. Lokko: verb said:


  4. Sprite: .gav said:


  5. slesh: dP said:

    heés cool but might leave your team (<3)

  6. duckynator5k: SICK - EDO said:

    big gamer, give him a nice home and he will farm

  7. dural: ° said:

    game this man

  8. Sprite: .gav said:


  9. duckynator5k: SICK - EDO said:

    deleted me for no reason but hes good

  10. Skip: verb said:

    when I see drackk I think of him <3

  11. Lokko: verb said:

    good player

  12. nutshiny: (ETF2L Donator) - AE said:

    he is good :)

  13. CoYoTe: APEX - SEKS (me) said:

    facking bored gamer

  14. charle: unknown - UP said:

    good tftv posts and a good MAN

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