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Estonia Polarium

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last post pretty much died so posting a new one

looking for a high team as demo only(since heavy is garbage tbh) prefer main but fine with sub spot if i get some playtime,can maincall but prefer not to
construcive shittalking alwais welcome

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  1. Gorzum: zesty - pootis XD said:

    top tier memer, would recommend for any team that plans on helping a poor Estonian kid in need of emotional support (i wouldn’t mind being picked up too btw im a really nice guy)

  2. stexer: TC - NG said:

    Really nice)

  3. Piro: pizza said:

    big gamer ✔️

  4. alba: KT said:

    +rep he’s estonian

  5. Foxyfluff: GIEL - S-A said:

    The beast from the Northeast

  6. Polarium said:


  7. Lemmy: Vaccinator - TC.Express said:


  8. Adje: Leila+8 said:

    cool guy, can probably do high considering the state of HL

  9. Sn0w: TBC said:

    raged quit like 2 or 3 times when he played against us

  10. shinso: PPoPP said:

    nice lad, can definitely do well in high
    pick him up

    much respecc for ur aeshetitcs 8)

  11. croix: bisenen said:

    братишка ебать ты долбоеб земля те пухом


    3rd world demoman +rep

  13. samii: yeet - lil said:


  14. Polarium said:

  15. alba: KT said:

    he’s estonian

  16. Fire: SENS said:

    Funny teammate to have, pretty good damage, he just needs to work on playing with his combo a bit more.

  17. sun: lil said:

    Great demo I guess, Give him atleast a trail. Always fun pocketing him

  18. Teroantero: NG said:

    me like him

  19. Stinson_Out: (Head Admin) - [HA] said:

    He is okay for a low high team, but has a swingy temper

  20. BitchCallMeCaptainMorgan: IceHotel - lil said:

    he’s good, i don’t have anything else to say

  21. Polarium said:

    x d

  22. Polarium said:

  23. cantar: yeet - EDO said:

    fucking open pls kys

  24. BlazeTF: CB° said:

    Hello (:

  25. Tercio: T - faketaxi said:

    Solid high

  26. Piro: pizza said:

    my man

  27. Gorzum: zesty - pootis XD said:

    high-level player (although his drawings are biased)

  28. Gorzum: zesty - pootis XD said:

    high-level player (although his drawings are biased)

  29. Polarium said:


  30. Piro: pizza said:

    Will this absolute legend ever find a team

  31. Bycoon: verb - woah said:

    part of an well know ultiduo team known as bad demo man players !!!!!!!111