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France Edgyneer

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Looking to main for season 14 in High, I would rather join an already established team or one with people I know. I'm not scared of getting rolled.
I will start studying again pretty soon, therefore losing a bit of time to invest myself. But i should still be able to keep on with a schedule of 2 scrims per week.

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Action Team By Date
Joined Not Yet Specified [Highlander] Defa
Left Not Yet Specified [Highlander] Edgyneer
Joined Not Yet Specified [Highlander] tatty
Left Puterelles [Highlander] Edgyneer
Joined Puterelles [Highlander] Halfecho

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  1. tatty: NYS said:

    Engie’s a piss easy class, can’t hurt to pick him up

  2. bonobo: officer said:

    Deserves High !

  3. Banna: NG said:

    Yes good engie would pick up for high

  4. Flight: -Xe- said:

    good engie
    he’s french

  5. sun: lil said:

    Great engi, decent gamesense and creative sentry spots, reccomended to atleast give him a trail.

  6. Vetle: DSR6 - pizza said:

    Great engie, really nice guy, let him play high =)


    bottom scores in sixes lobbies when I’m on demo, but actually decent in hl.

  8. BitchCallMeCaptainMorgan: IceHotel - lil said:

    essello is a god

  9. Alpacagrape: Wow, swag said:

    I’m sure we all know how easy the engineer is, However, I would definitely let him put a dispenser onto the udders of a big black Husky

  10. Edgyneer: NYS said:


  11. Ice: oto said:

    very dank engi best i’ve played with is nice he can take high easy