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Hello-hello, and welcome to just another LFT recruitment post.

I go by the name "Sergeant Brown" — though you may just call me "Brown" — and I am an Open-level Roaming Soldier main who played in the 2017 Fresh Meat Challenge and wishes to join a team for Season 28 of ETF2L's 6v6 League.

To start, the way I play competitive games is two-fold: on the macro level, I play them with the intent of winning them regardless of the stake at hand (whether it would be a simple PUG or the Season's Finals), and on the micro level, I play them for the exhilarating fun that is two actually-organized teams going against each other in what is essentially an over-the-top tug of war.

This way of playing competitive games also ends up complementing my end goal as a competitive player, which is to continually improve as a Roamer main, see how far up I can go, and how much is left for me to reach.

Throughout this year I already managed to get a solid grip on what a Roaming Soldier is about, and though I can play both styles of Roamer, I have come to find better success as a passively-oriented one, especially since my DM skills are honestly mediocre as a whole. However, what I lack in the point-and-click-gibs-go-boom department, I make up for it in what else I can bring to a team: most call it "Offclassing", some may call it "EU Gimmicks"; I call it "Options".

I can Offclass to 2 classes, Heavy and Spy, for moments where my Roamer alone is not guaranteed to cut it. Those moments are pretty niche however, and I can easily play Roamer for the whole game if none of those moments come up. That being said, these "Options" of mine and their usage are obviously up to the discretion and needs of the team.

As such, I am currently looking for a team that is serious enough in willing to improve as a whole (both on its individual and group levels), but not too serious to the point of blindingly following the meta without considering the odds of success (telling me to solo-defend a Roamer-unfriendly Last from Backcapping MGE pros without even considering me or one of the Scouts switching to a more effective class is one of the very few ways to piss me off big time), all the while being a team that enjoys playing the game and has a good player atmosphere overall.

For now, my time schedule allows me to be available almost every day from 16h to 22h (GMT+1). However, starting from the second half of September I will likely be limited to a few days from 20h to 22h (GMT+1) as a College student, though I will have the details of it shortly before the Season starts. Lastly, I am not a natural mic chatter, which is mostly why I prefer Discord over Mumble, even if I can technically use the latter without a problem.

And that should be about it. If you believe I have what it takes to be your team's main Roamer, then feel free to add me on Steam so we can further discuss about it.

Either way, thank you for taking your time reading this and have yourselves a nice day.

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  1. Prawn: GOOMBA - COGU said:

  2. Teepee: SHAG said:

    Would recommend him as a pick up, regardless of the pretty petty bitchy swipe at moi for not letting him play engie or heavy as we push out onto second (XD)

    Solid roamer. Keen gamer.

  3. akachu: аутист - EDO said:

    he likes writing alot, this should tell you hes not stupid. pick him.

  4. gaming_messiah2: yeet - Wow, swag said:

    just play mge lmao

  5. Klassy: mkcat said:

    seems good

  6. gaming_messiah2: yeet - Wow, swag said:

    hehe :3

  7. Sergeant Brown said:


    Also, I updated the post; not a whole lot, but just enough for me to make it worth saying “I updated the post”.