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Hello guys, i'm Thero, a pyro main. I'm searching for a team for next season.

I stayed the last year in the team : Lucrosa

So, i get 1 years of experience in the same team, and i've won a new point of view of the game since the first time i played competitive.

I looking for a team for UGC and ETF2l.

I research a serious team with the goal of win.

Add me for more, i'm ok for some trials.

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Action Team By Date
Joined deaf and blind [Highlander] OHSHITITSDATRETARD
Left Selective Attention [Highlander] Foxyfluff
Joined Selective Attention [Highlander] Foxyfluff
Left LobbylordZ [Fun Team] Thero
Left Lucrosa [Highlander] Thero
Left Rekt By SN [2on2] Thero
Joined Rekt By SN [2on2] Nico {Fr}
Joined LobbylordZ [Fun Team] sasami
Left Ratatouille [6on6] 30.06
Joined Ratatouille [6on6] 30.06
Joined Lucrosa [Highlander] OHSHITITSDATSNUS
Left That's a Bingo! [Highlander] Thero
Joined That's a Bingo! [Highlander] pyla
Left for games on DESURA [Highlander] Thero
Joined for games on DESURA [Highlander] Zikto
Left SpacE [Highlander] Thero
Joined SpacE [Highlander] Cuby

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  1. Polarium said:

    tbh one of the best pyros ive seen

  2. Piro: pizza said:


  3. Piro: pizza said:

    big boy

  4. Liko: squat - A07 said:

    not a disabled degreasermain +++++++rep

  5. sun: lil said:

    good pyro

  6. BlazeTF: CB° said:


  7. Greenwood said:

    without me you cannot reflect pipe and kill 4 people

  8. Foxyfluff: GIEL - S-A said:

    Tad overrated and benched for Season 13 but still a solid Pyro for high. He’s similar to Seekae in playstyle and abilities, that other French Shotty/Degreaser-main, except this guy is a notable amount more experienced.

  9. OHSHITITSDATSNUS: TC - Lucrosa said:

    Being a sub = benched, autism is one hell of a disability.

  10. 30.06: TF2Co said:

    You never actually saw Thero played except in lobbies Fox C lol
    ” Degreaser ” Thero almost don’t play it.
    ” Overrated ” ?????????? You stupid ?
    Similar to Seekae ???????? Thero and Seekae have totally different playstyles

    please stop embarassing your self fox c

    +++ recommended thero, prem sure once he is not rusty any more

  11. Foxyfluff: GIEL - S-A said:

    Except you’re the ones embarrassing yourselves by getting by this triggered.

  12. Teatime: Leila+8 said:

    hecking pyro mains

  13. Clark: bisenen - WASP said:

    Could do Prem if he starts practicing actively. Not at all overrated and way more talented than the mid Belgian pyro in the comments above.

  14. Foxyfluff: GIEL - S-A said:

    Pretty much everybody is offended except Thero, my close friend/Pybro, himself.

  15. Nightmare: KAAS said:

    pretty gud, but sometimes a bit too focused on spies :p

  16. Thero: dab said:

  17. Foxyfluff: GIEL - S-A said:

  18. Isil: TF2Co said:

    very good pyro :)