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Netherlands NRG

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Hi my name is nrg.
Looking for ETF2l High as main engineer. You can add me anytime for trial.

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Joined wax is literally trash [Highlander] Cat
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  1. Pimskii: [CR] said:

    probably one of the best engi’s ive ever played with. amazing gamesense and knows what to do. will be prefect for mid and good in high. no need to trial other engi’s just get this guy already.

  2. samii: yeet - lil said:

    Its not often i write an actual commment but this guy is a furrry who sits in his room jerking of to fox porn. But incredibe gamsense can cause some rape with a wrangler . He also has a strange gunslinger

  3. samii: yeet - lil said:

    Really ģòod èz forr mid and good in high

  4. shinso said:

    amazing player, super keen and deserves a good team that wants to win
    pick him up before someone else does

  5. samii: yeet - lil said:

    Pick him up now why he still lft ??

  6. hondjo: remove - gaeta said:

    something nice

  7. Matt: remove - gaeta said:

    as pimske said, easily one of the best engies I know. So yeah, give this guy a shot I guess