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Germany e1ne

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last try to play to this game

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Action Team By Date
Joined kiti s bakenbardami [Highlander] Pahan
Joined мы мид дибил [6on6] Pahan
Left Per aspera ad astra [6on6] e1ne
Left danish noisaes [Highlander] e1ne
Joined danish noisaes [Highlander] Zodiak
Left this never happened lol [Highlander] e1ne
Joined Per aspera ad astra [6on6] Ihor
Joined this never happened lol [Highlander] HartzFartz
Left kiti s bakenbardami [Highlander] e1ne
Joined go¥ard godfather [1on1] e1ne
Joined kiti s bakenbardami [Highlander] Pahan
Left dirty dicks [6on6] e1ne
Left Germany [National 6v6 Team] stefaaan
Left WASP by KEYS-STORE.COM [Highlander] e1ne
Joined dirty dicks [6on6] Sacrilege
Left Vertiginous Golf Squad [6on6] Frencho
Joined Vertiginous Golf Squad [6on6] Frencho
Left #Passion [6on6] e1ne
Joined #Passion [6on6] 009EFF
Left Weebtunnel Tactics [6on6] e1ne
Left четкий пацан [1on1] e1ne
Joined Germany [National 6v6 Team] stefaaan
Joined WASP by KEYS-STORE.COM [Highlander] Detoed.
Left Aha [Fun Team] e1ne
Left open_squad powered by ZfG [Highlander] e1ne
Joined Aha [Fun Team] Frencho
Joined Weebtunnel Tactics [6on6] Bloodis
Left soldier mains can aim [Fun Team] e1ne
Joined soldier mains can aim [Fun Team] stainless
Left Dodging Bullets [6on6] e1ne
Left Cut(e)4French0 [Fun Team] e1ne
Joined open_squad powered by ZfG [Highlander] b_fisch
Joined Cut(e)4French0 [Fun Team] Bloodyyy
Joined Dodging Bullets [6on6] doks
Left Dodging Bullets [6on6] doks
Left UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Joined Dodging Bullets [6on6] doks
Joined четкий пацан [1on1] e1ne
Joined UKIP [Highlander] stephen
Left SNUS [6on6] e1ne
Left its Team [Highlander] e1ne
Joined its Team [Highlander] Graba
Left Kuuhaku [Highlander] e1ne
Joined SNUS [6on6] ekkelund
Joined Kuuhaku [Highlander] 1pt
Left C-Men [Highlander] e1ne
Joined C-Men [Highlander] Chris
Left Yes Future [Highlander] e1ne
Joined Yes Future [Highlander] Hajdzik
Left Vier // Yellow ° Highlander [Highlander] e1ne
Joined Vier // Yellow ° Highlander [Highlander] Chakuza™
Left Team MeanMode [Highlander] e1ne
Joined Team MeanMode [Highlander] MeTx

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  1. e1ne: midboys - kiti said:

    plug calling

  2. Sneaky!: (ETF2L Donator) - lit said:

    really good scout

  3. earl said:

    Aye aye WHAT aye aye HUH

  4. Brian: dab said:


  5. e1ne: midboys - kiti said:


  6. calle cool: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - MEGA$$ said:

    good and a really cool guy

  7. e1ne: midboys - kiti said:

    yes yes