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Germany Chime

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Looking for a nice and keen team in UGC!
((I'd really appreciate a team that isn't folding after the first two weeks again))

silver / could do plat / whatever, I don't mind if sub or main as long as I get some playtime :>


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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Team 4 Friends Highlander [Highlander] Amaterasu
Left NORLY's Rockets Love You [Highlander] Chime
Joined HerbsArmy [6on6] JohnnyBambo
Left Freelancing Astronauts [6on6] Chime
Joined NORLY's Rockets Love You [Highlander] Divine
Left redrumers [Highlander] lybon
Joined redrumers [Highlander] lybon
Left Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] Chime
Joined Freelancing Astronauts [6on6] I am a bear
Left Carrying Ryuu [6on6] Chime
Joined Carrying Ryuu [6on6] Leagle_
Joined Here for the Beer [LAN Team] Aoshi
Left Here for the Beer [LAN Team] Chime
Left moé [Fun Team] Chime
Left Dribble [6on6] Chime
Joined Dribble [6on6] smky
Left Freelancing Astronauts [6on6] Chime
Joined Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] JustJosh
Left Doctors Of Mediocrity [Highlander] Chime
Joined Doctors Of Mediocrity [Highlander] lawn-ornament
Left FOR THE LOGS! [Highlander] Chime
Joined moé [Fun Team] haiku
Joined Here for the Beer [LAN Team] Aoshi
Left RIP Harambe [LAN Team] Aoshi
Joined RIP Harambe [LAN Team] firej
Joined FOR THE LOGS! [Highlander] Broglie de Scarecrow
Left dildo [Fun Team] Chime
Joined dildo [Fun Team] ropecar5
Left Rockin' The Gibus [Fun Team] Chime
Joined Freelancing Astronauts [6on6] Chime
Left Kawaii Klub [6on6] Chime
Joined Kawaii Klub [6on6] Callum97
Joined Rockin' The Gibus [Fun Team] Catface100

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  1. Blooddrunk: #T4F - #T4F said:

    Just give her a sick team in plat already. She deserves it.

    <3 Love ya

  2. cloudy: FUZZ - S-O said:

    Solid gamer

  3. .strix: 2eZ - VR said:

    with some confidence she should be able to handle high

  4. PK said:

    chime’s legit. good shot, good bants. deserves a good team.

  5. Starshot said:

    It’s a shame to see good players having to play in lower divisions than they deserve.

    Hope you get a nice team in high/plat in s14, so you don’t have to sandbag another season in mid.

    Hope to see you on the battlefield =).


  6. yaynos said:

    she shot gun , u win game , wtah mor are u want???

  7. Fenix: what - Quitters said:

    she’s really nice c:

  8. alba: BE. said:

    10/10 grill gamer pick her 8)

  9. samii: FBRD said:

    Spell Tunat sub cuz thats what im gonna do all over my belly

  10. BaaBo: ylat - .ginyuR said:


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