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European alba

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*** UGC ***

I don't have any plans for next ugc season atm so I'm just looking for offers
Can play every class at a decent level, I'd rather not play pyro but something else

*** ETF2L ***

I'm pretty upset about this season, I honestly should've not joined BE.
Anyway, I know it's a bit early but I'mma put this in case somebody is interested
LFT Prem as pyro, main spot or sub spot in top prem maybe for s14 since this season is over for me thanks to a 2 week vacation

I'll tryhard if you make sure I get to play with this gamer:


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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Francesco Totti's fan club [6on6] sasami
Joined Butterfly Effect [Highlander] Cryyy
Left Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! [Highlander] alba
Joined Francesco Totti's fan club [6on6] sasami
Left Webo [6on6] alba
Joined Webo [6on6] AustinN
Left MANNDEM CO. [6on6] alba
Joined CAPSLOCKBOYS [2on2] chando
Joined MANNDEM CO. [6on6] chando
Joined Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! [Highlander] Nate
Left inVision [Highlander] alba
Left Francesco Totti's fan club [6on6] sasami
Joined autistic pyro main [1on1] alba
Joined inVision [Highlander] STiNGHAN
Left Veritas eSports [Highlander] alba
Joined Veritas eSports [Highlander] Cryyy
Left Final Frontier [Highlander] alba
Joined LobbylordZ [Fun Team] sasami
Joined Final Frontier [Highlander] MrBliss
Left inVision [Highlander] alba
Joined Francesco Totti's fan club [6on6] sasami
Joined inVision [Highlander] STiNGHAN
Left Victory Road [Highlander] sasami
Left Nine stars (not so political) movement [Fun Team] sasami
Joined Victory Road [Highlander] sasami
Joined Nine stars (not so political) movement [Fun Team] sasami
Left [6on6] Chrzz
Joined [6on6] Lawolf
Left Staminchia [6on6] Chrzz
Joined Staminchia [6on6] Jugger
Left Fabulous Faggots [Highlander] sasami
Joined Fabulous Faggots [Highlander] sasami
Left Free Frags and Free Hugs [Highlander] alba
Joined Free Frags and Free Hugs [Highlander] sasami

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  1. Adje: Vaccinator - CRAZYBWAII said:

    gaming legend

  2. counou: AUTO - CRAZYBWAII said:


  3. Nightmare: Vaccinator - Lucrosa said:

    mama mia here we go again

  4. Vetleaks: Vaccinator said:

    Very good videogamer!

  5. Ace: smh - VR said:

  6. Freakie said:

    Best guy around. Surely worth a great team.

  7. chando: MANNDEM. said:

    >should not have joined BE

    you and me both pal

    but overall decent guy, certainly way less loud than he was in the past, and dm keeps on improving. solid prem pyro for sure

  8. Clark: SWELL - SDCK said:

    he’s good

  9. yugo said:

    really good

  10. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - inv said:


  11. STiNGHAN: sv_cheats - inv said:


  12. sek: S-O said:

    really good at the video game

  13. sco: BE. said:


  14. Pineapple Wolf: squat said:

    pyro bae sad to see him leave me </3

    sick player and will include you in his frag vid easy pickup

  15. Stitzy: said:

    High prem, give him a nice home and send him plenty of connect strings

  16. samii: FBRD said:

    good player, but he watches bad anime ;/

  17. mezzo: Meddl! - Leila+8 said:

    Prem pyro for sure c:

  18. Rockz7ar: HSP - said:

    this guy’s a fucking legend

  19. redlix: .ginyuR said:

    There is a class what he can’t play with?

  20. Adje: Vaccinator - CRAZYBWAII said:

    god’s gift to highlander

  21. Canlock: DADC4N said:

    10/10 should be in my team to carry team to the prem

  22. Starshot: Quitters said:

    Sorry Alba, I’m running short on my memes.. =(

    10/10 pyro, will make crusty pizzas topped with spy-remains

    Hope to play with/against you next season bud.

    Oh, and if you want your basejumper signed hmu k m8? xd

  23. alba: BE. said:


  24. .strix: 2eZ - VR said:


  25. Vinni: R6S - FBRD said:

    has massive boobs, u will like him

  26. AustinN: Webo - VR said:

    Get mentored by Fear The Med, immediately top prem

  27. alba: BE. said:


  28. alba: BE. said:


  29. Polarium: bipolar said:


  30. KemNG: greek meat said:

    EZ pickup

    EZ WIN

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