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I've been playing TF2 for about 3500+ hours now, and I've just started to get interested in competitive gaming. I joined since 2012 when the Pyromania update was a thing, and I've always looked up to competitive players, wanting to be just like them at one point or another. I feel like I'm finally ready to do this.

I'm currently looking for a team that's willing to help me improve on competitive TF2, and have us grow a friendship of some sorts the more we play, learn and work together. Maybe even play some MvM together whenever we're bored, or something while still training to become the best team I imagine ourselves to be.

My mains for a potential competitive team would be Engineer, Pyro, Spy, Heavy, and maybe Soldier. I have yet to fully understand how the other classes work on competitive, and I will dedicate myself to understanding them the more we play together.

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