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Russia RAMA

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Hello everyone.
I am russian shooter of projectiles in team fortress 2, and I would like to find a team to play with.
Ru or Eu – doesn't matter, I just want to have a family and teammates who love & respect each other.
Primary looking for a main spot, but can be multiclass sub for average mid team.
Add me.

6s > mge

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Hip-Hop [1on1] RAMA
Left Toa Mata/Nuva [6on6] RAMA
Joined Dream Team [Highlander] Jesus 420
Joined Toa Mata/Nuva [6on6] Hugo
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined What the problem [Fun Team] Silvermaster
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] Menty
Left D R A T Y T I [6on6] RAMA
Left Sober Bear [Highlander] RAMA
Joined D R A T Y T I [6on6] YYYebok
Left Meme Boys [6on6] RAMA
Joined Sober Bear [Highlander] Emperor_Protect
Left Autism eSports [Highlander] RAMA
Joined Autism eSports [Highlander] firing.squad
Joined Meme Boys [6on6] TOSS
Left Caravan Palace [Fun Team] RAMA
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] The Boshy
Left Air [6on6] RAMA
Joined Air [6on6] Zeluboba
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] Quinso
Left 3/6 [6on6] RAMA
Left deleted [Highlander] TOSS
Joined 3/6 [6on6] Crayon
Left RAHAT - LUKUM [6on6] RAMA
Joined RAHAT - LUKUM [6on6] RAMA
Left Fantastic Six [6on6] RAMA
Joined Fantastic Six [6on6] m1xwell
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined deleted [Highlander] TOSS
Left Autism eSports [Highlander] RAMA
Joined Caravan Palace [Fun Team] YYYebok
Joined тупой вуди [2on2] RAMA
Joined Autism eSports [Highlander] Meaff
Left Mellivora capensis [Highlander] RAMA
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] sl4y
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined Mellivora capensis [Highlander] Dvornik
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] Fair
Left Hell Awaits [6on6] RAMA
Joined Hell Awaits [6on6] moonless
Left 387 [6on6] RAMA
Joined 387 [6on6] Cholera
Left N/A [6on6] RAMA
Joined N/A [6on6] RAMA

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  1. Leonio: HZ said:

    Good player with an excellent understanding of the game

  2. kraghann: MGE said:

    Pretty good

  3. fnzkie said:

    6s > mge

  4. charle: CRUNGE - MAN said:

    Poor dm

  5. RAMA: DT said:

    ^ true, if you are about bball one.
    That’s why I am looking for 6s, not 2v2 crap

  6. charle: CRUNGE - MAN said:

    I have not played vs you in bball as far as I can remember. And in 6s, you have poor DM.

  7. RAMA: DT said:

    Is it tf2c based opinion? Because I don’t see any officials played vs you, or maybe mixes, which are usually crap.
    But you can think anything about my dm lol, just trying to find out the reasons of your opinion ._.

  8. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - pEn9c=3 said:

    нахуй ты с мусором говоришь о чем-то?

  9. Grech said:

    multiclass skillovik

  10. m1xwell said:

    Я думал тебе хватило экспириенса в хае

  11. maggy: MGE said:

    very nice guy and good player

  12. Sponge Bob said:

    Я думал тебе хватило хуев во рту
    Но ты продолжаешь их принимать, хуев КМС по Букакке

  13. Sponge Bob said:

    это я бомжу миксвеллу если ко не понял а таких много наверное а точнее все

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