Scout  High Skill, 6on6

England PROKY

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i want to have fun
pocket scout preferred

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Joined Maltyduo [2on2] Included_Middle
Joined England [National Highlander Team] cloudy
Joined Team CoolestMaster [6on6] Silver Tosspot
Left team name [6on6] PROKY
Joined team name [6on6] PROKY
Left freshavacado [6on6] PROKY
Left reverto [Fun Team] cutwrist
Joined freshavacado [6on6] Maccy
Left freshavacado [6on6] PROKY
Joined Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS [Highlander] JoeN
Left Budget Toucans [Highlander] PROKY
Joined reverto [Fun Team] cutwrist
Left Crit Boosted Rockets [Fun Team] PROKY
Joined Budget Toucans [Highlander] Maccy
Left GODL MEDEL!! [Highlander] PROKY
Joined GODL MEDEL!! [Highlander] Teatime
Left The Agency [Highlander] PROKY
Joined The Agency [Highlander] Aoshi
Joined freshavacado [6on6] Maccy
Left freshavacado [6on6] PROKY
Left UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Joined freshavacado [6on6] PROKY
Left Less Than Three [6on6] PROKY
Joined Crit Boosted Rockets [Fun Team] PROKY
Left Northern Lightning [Fun Team] PROKY
Joined UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Left Budget Toucans [Highlander] PROKY
Joined Less Than Three [6on6] Chronos
Left Team CoolestMaster [6on6] Kuferl
Joined Tomato Storm [LAN Team] PROKY
Joined Northern Lightning [Fun Team] UltimatePopcorn.
Joined Team CoolestMaster [6on6] Silver Tosspot
Left EU Gimmicks [6on6] PROKY
Joined EU Gimmicks [6on6] PROKY
Left DongerSquad [6on6] PROKY
Joined Budget Toucans [Highlander] Cirno
Left Bonus Ducks [Highlander] PROKY
Joined DongerSquad [6on6] Slappy
Joined Bonus Ducks [Highlander] ∆rtemis
Left Murder Incorporated [Highlander] PROKY
Joined Murder Incorporated [Highlander] squirrel147
Left Unusuals sponsored by mums creditcard [Highlander] PROKY
Joined Unusuals sponsored by mums creditcard [Highlander] Schweppes
Left Don't Panic (Revived) [Highlander] PROKY
Joined Don't Panic (Revived) [Highlander] Muze
Left Dingus Party [Highlander] PROKY
Joined Dingus Party [Highlander] Dowel

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  1. MoistPenguin: (League Admin) - BNB - Leila+8 said:

    Dont let him play heavy

  2. Georgebaii: KaoS - HZ said:

    I’m sitting near him at i61 so he must be good.

  3. Included_Middle: (=゚・゚=) - Leila+8 said:

    if machina is allowed he will slay

  4. counou: CRAZYBWAII said:

    f4rm gamer

  5. princess dvs: MoN - CRAZYBWAII said:

    farmer boi

  6. Anus Stretcher: C00L - Friends said:

    knows how to offclass #bigyes

  7. ryan: Lucrosa said:


  8. PROKY: C00L - Leila+8 said:


  9. Chime: [HA] - #T4F said:

    don’t let him have fun

  10. cantar: DT said:


  11. PROKY: C00L - Leila+8 said:


  12. VoidTrinity: (=゚・゚=) - Leila+8 said:

    don’t let him player soldier

  13. cutwrist: JUNIORBWAI said:

    hes machina has destroyed too many mixes already

  14. PROKY: C00L - Leila+8 said:


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