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Finland junnu

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any class any time

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined ??? [6on6] junnu
Left Bread Senpai [6on6] junnu
Joined Bread Senpai [6on6] tea
Left Peril Puppies [6on6] junnu
Joined Peril Puppies [6on6] WildPiggie
Left мιѕfιтѕ [6on6] junnu
Joined мιѕfιтѕ [6on6] binkkye
Left the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] junnu
Left ku$h daddies [6on6] junnu
Joined youngster [1on1] junnu
Left i love santa claus [Fun Team] junnu
Joined i love santa claus [Fun Team] junnu
Joined ku$h daddies [6on6] Aoshi
Left ジュンヌとはナンバーワンです [2on2] junnu
Left dickStorm [6on6] junnu
Joined Team Ignis [LAN Team] wand00m
Joined the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] ducky
Joined dickStorm [6on6] Collaide
Left Lemmings [6on6] junnu
Joined Lemmings [6on6] Cold Heart
Left Ora Elektro [6on6] junnu
Joined Ora Elektro [6on6] Hempus
Left inactive [6on6] junnu
Left ku$h laddies [Fun Team] junnu
Joined inactive [6on6] Nati0nal
Left HL2DM [Highlander] yugo
Left 666X7 [6on6] junnu
Joined 666X7 [6on6] yugo
Left ku$h daddies [6on6] junnu
Joined HL2DM [Highlander] Tercio
Joined ku$h laddies [Fun Team] junnu
Left dick dumpsters [Fun Team] junnu
Joined ジュンヌとはナンバーワンです [2on2] junnu
Joined dick dumpsters [Fun Team] gona
Left hit the bong [Fun Team] junnu
Joined ku$h daddies [6on6] pajer0
Joined hit the bong [Fun Team] junnu
Left 5deadmen-zap [6on6] junnu
Joined 5deadmen-zap [6on6] duckers
Left idk [6on6] junnu
Joined idk [6on6] junnu
Left Savage Gold [6on6] junnu
Joined Savage Gold [6on6] Chill Collins
Left T H U G $ [6on6] junnu
Left PMW [Highlander] junnu
Joined T H U G $ [6on6] ogg
Left yo dogg [Fun Team] junnu
Left yo fam [6on6] junnu
Joined yo fam [6on6] junnu
Joined yo dogg [Fun Team] junnu
Joined PMW [Highlander] yllen
Left WE PLAY FOR MDEALS [6on6] Lazybear
Joined WE PLAY FOR MDEALS [6on6] junnu
Left Viva La Copycats [6on6] junnu
Joined Viva La Copycats [6on6] Fuddles
Left We play for mdeals [6on6] junnu
Joined We play for mdeals [6on6] junnu
Left Hot Shots! [6on6] junnu
Left Ducks [2on2] junnu
Left Hot Shots! Highlander [Highlander] junnu
Joined Ducks [2on2] junnu
Joined Hot Shots! Highlander [Highlander] junnu
Left Team Name [Highlander] junnu
Joined Hot Shots! [6on6] junnu
Left FOXHOUND [6on6] junnu
Joined Team Name [Highlander] junnu
Joined FOXHOUND [6on6] Plixal

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  1. Jordy: [DOUG] - SENS said:

    cool and good

  2. MALU!: LvG said:

    when you nut and keep on fragging

  3. DUCKSLAYER: Primes said:

    junnu hits those

  4. ult1mate said:

    very good but finnish be careful

  5. Cougar: is dtf - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    he frag

  6. Ama: UnX said:


  7. Kraken: ESK - A07 said:

    very good gamer

  8. Sc0pe: MANNDEM. said:

    fat n 15

  9. Marv: REMOVE said:


  10. Hempus: eskimo said:


  11. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - T - inv said:


  12. earl: _____iwate - EDO said:


  13. bluR- said:

    just came here to ask if that guy is juju’s brother?

  14. ducky: MANNDEM. - EDO said:

    amazing anime player, can frag very hard and can play a lot of classes :D

  15. narkkari: yeet - kiti said:

    he’s a force of nature haHAA

  16. DUCKSLAYER: Primes said:

    junnu : im not a weeb

  17. AwditaS: _____iwate - PAKI said:


  18. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Staff) - JMT said:

    Good scout and good sniper

  19. Scruff: Rakuzan - inv said:

    dont let him play demo, but he will pound for you on scout

  20. Kosuke: wagwan - Lucrosa said:


  21. princess dvs: ≈wind≈ - (°)> said:

  22. DUCKSLAYER: Primes said:

    bump for the best scout

  23. junnu said:

    kosuke is bad weeb

  24. Mason: (ETF2L Donator) - chumtoad. said:


  25. junnu said:

    thanks man

  26. aloha: adk said:

    there is something rly finnish about his aim and personality

  27. junnu said:

    appreciate it