ScoutSoldier  High Skill, 6on6

Finland Cougar

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scout = high
solly = mid

free sun – thu till like midnight

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Down To Frag [6on6] Cougar
Left Destructive Environment [6on6] Cougar
Joined Destructive Environment [6on6] treetoon
Left Destructive Environment [6on6] Cougar
Joined Destructive Environment [6on6] Heny
Left mad decent [6on6] Cougar
Joined mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Left Kraken Klan [6on6] Cougar
Joined Kraken Klan [6on6] tuja
Left Adam Harrison fan club [6on6] Cougar
Left KRUSTY KRAB PIZZA [2on2] Cougar
Joined KRUSTY KRAB PIZZA [2on2] Frysk
Joined Adam Harrison fan club [6on6] Miju
Left Dead eSports [6on6] Cougar
Joined Dead eSports [6on6] evans
Left Rakuzan [6on6] Cougar
Joined Rakuzan [6on6] Demos
Left the boys [6on6] Cougar
Joined the boys [6on6] Frysk
Left Rakuzan [6on6] Cougar
Joined Rakuzan [6on6] Demos
Left new slaves [6on6] Cougar
Joined new slaves [6on6] swag
Left the boys [6on6] Cougar
Joined the boys [6on6] Cougar
Left Rotation Sensation [6on6] Cougar
Left gorgeous gamers [Fun Team] Cougar
Joined Rotation Sensation [6on6] switch
Left Northern Wolves [6on6] Cougar
Left Kinuskikastike [2on2] Cougar
Joined Northern Wolves [6on6] Arctica
Left Luikurin Susejengi [6on6] Luikuri
Joined Luikurin Susejengi [6on6] Luikuri
Joined gorgeous gamers [Fun Team] Frysk
Left IDM [6on6] kuma'
Joined IDM [6on6] evans
Left Maailman Matti [1on1] Cougar
Left Supisuomalainen eSports Team ft. Kops [6on6] Cougar
Left Family friendly gaming [Fun Team] Cougar
Joined Maailman Matti [1on1] Cougar
Joined Supisuomalainen eSports Team ft. Kops [6on6] skete
Left Erection Masters [6on6] Cougar
Joined Erection Masters [6on6] TKT
Left Illusion [6on6] Cougar
Joined Family friendly gaming [Fun Team] Maltek
Joined Kinuskikastike [2on2] Cougar
Joined Illusion [6on6] Markus
Left Butt Bandits [6on6] Cougar
Joined Butt Bandits [6on6] Frysk
Left Featuring [6on6] Cougar
Joined Featuring [6on6] DeatH_D
Left Übermensch [6on6] Cougar
Joined Übermensch [6on6] Maltek
Joined Saukot [Highlander] Janqe
Left Chaotech [Highlander] Cougar
Left Party People [6on6] Cougar
Joined Party People [6on6] Cougar
Joined Chaotech [Highlander] Cougar

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  1. Spanns: ...SAD - A07 said:

    went from kittamiau to cougarawr

  2. guraoz: is dtf said:

    one of the best players i’ve had an opportunity to play with
    carried me a bunch of times
    understands the game very well
    taught me a lot of things
    nice comms
    doesnt have smelly armpits
    ebin memes

  3. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - T - inv said:

    biggest nut(he is horny)

  4. Marv: REMOVE said:

    tbh we should be in same team, u use brain and i dont, perfect combo

  5. cribby: is dtf - HL said:

    actually really good whenever i played against him, deserves a good team

  6. Frysk: BNB said:

    he’s nice and good yes

  7. Jepz: -.- said:

    Very big dm and nice guy!