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Iceland cmd

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kool kidz only

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Iceland [National Highlander Team] cmd
Left Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] cmd
Left faby buckers [2on2] cmd
Left frongar bikur [Fun Team] cmd
Joined Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] MARS^
Left pimp squad baby 4 lyfe [Highlander] cmd
Joined LEGO [6on6] Dr. Phil
Left prtyboiz [6on6] iatgink
Joined prtyboiz [6on6] alle
Left ownage squad [6on6] cmd
Joined ownage squad [6on6] moursi
Left lucker dogs [6on6] cmd
Joined lucker dogs [6on6] nean
Left unoriginal eSports by [6on6] cmd
Joined faby buckers [2on2] ryder
Joined unoriginal eSports by [6on6] MARS^
Left rip FaZe [6on6] cmd
Joined Iceland [National Highlander Team] Hafficool
Joined pimp squad baby 4 lyfe [Highlander] Hafficool
Left Skjálfti [Highlander] cmd
Joined rip FaZe [6on6] ryder
Left real thugz [6on6] cmd
Joined Skjálfti [Highlander] Mundi
Joined Iceland [National 6v6 Team] Hafficool
Joined frongar bikur [Fun Team] Mundi
Left TEAM NAME [Fun Team] cmd
Joined real thugz [6on6] Mundi
Left nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte [6on6] cmd
Left Fenneks Highlander by [Highlander] LaMqTa
Joined Fenneks Highlander by [Highlander] LaMqTa
Left The Nigel Thornberry Experience [Highlander] cmd
Joined nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte [6on6] cmd
Left 6 Brogues [6on6] cmd
Joined TEAM NAME [Fun Team] Slliter
Joined The Nigel Thornberry Experience [Highlander] cmd
Left novem [Highlander] cmd
Joined novem [Highlander] ethoxyethaan
Joined 6 Brogues [6on6] Slliter
Left European Fortress Gamers Highlander [Highlander] cmd
Left European Fortress Gamers [6on6] cmd
Joined European Fortress Gamers Highlander [Highlander] Platinum
Joined European Fortress Gamers [6on6] Platinum
Left Vintage [6on6] cmd
Joined Vintage [6on6] Priest'O'war

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View High/Prem 5 510
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  1. Pahan: kamaboys - kiti said:

    god tier medic

  2. Dr. Phil: LEGO - LEGO said:

    hi im condom *drops uber*

  3. rivka said:


  4. Georgebaii said:

    the true congod

  5. cmd: (ETF2L Donator) - LEGO said:

    hmu before I buy a spec ticket

  6. Koling said:


  7. spammyh: REMOVE said:

    Ingi at LAN Kreygasm

  8. alba: regretful said:

    Condom at lan PogChamp

  9. Yohn: Tree said:

    this guy *_*

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