Demoman  Mid/Open Skill, Highlander

England samii

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pl0x i want win games

i lik discord

Give me main pliz

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  1. footy: -BM- said:

    gay, but good player

  2. Nikolomara: ? - ¿! said:

    samii lft: lefa like pliz

  3. Couper: Kronos - RBR said:

    samii: “say faggot needs a retard”

    +* …+*… get this guy, because reasons +* …+*…

  4. Hexagon said:

    Give him kritz and you won’t see the other team for at least 20 seconds

  5. Dave_the_Irate: W0LF - SENS said:

    Strong DM from what I’ve seen. Potentially very good with more experience.
    Worth a trial for Mid, and will slam in open.

  6. paradox: pA - UAP said:

    gay and loves true dank memes

  7. Miko: Nomad said:

    makes me go kritz

  8. tev: [HA] said:

    above average

  9. stexer said:

    Very good. Mid

  10. Pendulum: - -Xe- said:

    plays demo etc ty

  11. Yoshino said:

    >uses dead memes xd

  12. BlazeTF: Hol said:

    banging player

  13. xell said:

    gr8 player

  14. alba: Hol - XDCK said:

    good memes tbh

  15. Divider of Worlds: AeTeam - -cm- said:

    can do good dunno

  16. Pimske: MDMTB said:

    what forum is this?

  17. FuseBox: Punct - DRNK said:

    My go to guy whenever i need anything.. a sub mostly great foken demo and mge overlord, please lets be together in a team again! :(

  18. DarkDuckR: BEEF said:

    He’s gay and a faggot please accept him

  19. mikey said:

    Nice player, eh very dank in english style
    ya know demoman grenade machine XD

  20. eyymiel: Martijn said: