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UnitedKingdom Cyanic

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looking for top low or bottom mid team for s28.

can maincall but maybe wouldnt be the best idea in mid idk although if you're happy i'd like to do it since i like to take a lot of heals.

very focused on improvement, i'll learn from better players than me.

very time flexible, can scrim every day 19-22 cest.

ignore the current team i'm on, i'm still lft.

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  1. Stock: Editw - KAAS said:

    Solid demo good pickup

  2. Godz Ares: TDF said:

    Insane pipes, really good at maincalling ;)

  3. Cyanic: SCOOPER - SEKS (me) said:

    s28 bump

  4. SirDuck: Dave - [MB] said:

    Dedicated to competitive TF2, constantly seeking improvement, will not let failure be an acceptable answer.

  5. ValorousTF said:

    solid gamer if i do say so myself

  6. Drummer: CCD said:

    Good, dedicated and reliable player

    Smokes a lot of weed before officials

  7. Drummer: CCD said:

    ^ he doesn’t actually smoke weed, Cyanic is a clean individual

  8. Stock: Editw - KAAS said:

    Definitely smokes a lot of weed +rep

  9. Cyanic: SCOOPER - SEKS (me) said:

    bump because this isnt showing up for some reason