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So i have quite alot of 6s experience throughout the years, and i sorta want to try out hl to see if i enjoy it aswell, so im open to play both sub and main
6s will still take priority though

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  1. Hoplitejoe: SATB - ahlt said:

    probably could play mid if it wasn’t for 6’s commitment.

  2. Sn0w: mkcat - c u nt said:

    Every time you start thinking about how autistic skates can be, remember this, he’s not truly portuguese, he’s from Brazil, so don’t think we’re like him, kthxbye

    He’s a memer, he’s a fragger, he’s one of those persons that you will instantly love and he’s not toxic, it’s a first for a brazilian/portuguese

  3. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    haven’t played often against him, but he seems really good to me

  4. KarateFarmer: SATB - ahlt said:

    will talk about his poop, be warned!

  5. armadillo: dick said:


  6. Moleapples: SATB - ahlt said:

    This guy is pretty good in the game. Just remember to have him muted before and after games.

  7. Cabbage: KOLAR said:

    i take credit for his nickname!!

  8. Biohazard said:


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