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Belgium Adje

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Joined deaf and blind [Highlander] AlesKee
Joined LobbylordZ [Fun Team] Nightmare
Left CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] Adje
Joined Gielewiel9 [6on6] Synrise
Left The Worst Game Ever [6on6] Adje
Joined mvlehti eSports [2on2] Lurkki
Joined CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] Yxxo
Left Cult Of ivan [Fun Team] Brian
Left Cult of Ivan [Highlander] Brian
Joined Belgium [National Highlander Team] Aoshi
Joined Cult of Ivan [Highlander] Brian
Left Lucrosa [Highlander] Cronk
Joined Cult Of ivan [Fun Team] Brian
Left Frosted Flakes nigga damn!!!lolol [Fun Team] Adje
Left we fucking suck balls [2on2] Adje
Joined The Worst Game Ever [6on6] AgenSpice
Joined we fucking suck balls [2on2] Adje
Left Clinical autism [6on6] yugo
Joined Lucrosa [Highlander] Cronk
Left Frosted Flakes NIGGA DAMN! [Highlander] Adje
Joined Frosted Flakes NIGGA DAMN! [Highlander] Boku
Left CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] Adje
Joined CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] Yxxo
Left SENSATION [Highlander] Adje
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Firefly
Left Cult of Ivan [Highlander] Adje
Joined Frosted Flakes nigga damn!!!lolol [Fun Team] Boku
Joined Clinical autism [6on6] yugo
Joined Cult of Ivan [Highlander] Lurkki
Left Cult of ivan [Highlander] shinso
Joined Cult of ivan [Highlander] shinso
Left Ekksdii [Highlander] Adje
Joined Ekksdii [Highlander] KemNG
Left Pringlerino eSports [6on6] Adje
Joined Pringlerino eSports [6on6] yugo
Left Get a life foundation [Highlander] Adje
Joined Get a life foundation [Highlander] yugo

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  1. Yxxo: - inv said:

    prem level

  2. alba: #TF2Center - inv said:

    pick this guy, one of the best spies lft

  3. yyyawn: pootis XD said:

    One of best spies lft as of now.

  4. Nightmare: SGrill - dab said:

    N U D E S

  5. Teatime: pizza said:

    tip top spyman

  6. Fire: SENS said:

    good spy

  7. Lurkki: SCOOPER - SEKS (me) said:

    epic trickstabs! :D

  8. counou: inv said:

    Could play prem tbh

  9. counou: inv said:

    best spy lft along with chooper imo

  10. Synrise: (ETF2L Donator) - GIEL - S-O said:

    Keen guy, it’s a joy to finally play with him ;)

  11. princess dvs: 4SKINGS - (°)> said:

    legit prem spy fam

  12. Sound: ζ said:

    the reason I’m gay

  13. Domaytoe: (Certified Puntomime) - ★GF - Lucrosa said:

    Swell guy and capable of top high, most probably prem as well from what I expect him to pull off

  14. cutwrist said:

    get this man prem

  15. FTH: SD said:

    Prem or bombs

  16. You will pay for you: dP - Twisted said:

    Prem and bombs

  17. Cryyy said:

    Best lft by far