MedicSoldier  High/Mid Skill, Highlander

Ukraine Snajper

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined pok :> [Highlander] nmiecoaw
Left dneprovskoe dno [Highlander] Snajper
Joined dneprovskoe dno [Highlander] Ihor
Left Trident [6on6] Snajper
Left Fahrenheit 451 [Fun Team] Snajper
Left Keepo [Highlander] Snajper
Joined Fahrenheit 451 [Fun Team] Tractor
Left 性的癒し [Fun Team] Snajper
Joined Trident [6on6] Jill_
Joined 性的癒し [Fun Team] Pstric
Left PENIS-6 [6on6] Snajper
Joined Keepo [Highlander] Pstric
Left Dream Team [Highlander] Jesus 420
Joined Dream Team [Highlander] Pyropan
Left PENIS-9 [Open Squad] [Fun Team] DONN1Y
Joined PENIS-6 [6on6] Citrus
Joined PENIS-9 [Open Squad] [Fun Team] DONN1Y
Left Dream Team [Highlander] Jesus 420
Left DO RE MI PIZDA TO BI [Fun Team] Snajper
Joined Ukraine [National Highlander Team] Detoed.
Left Giblartarskoe Zlodarstvo [6on6] Snajper
Joined Giblartarskoe Zlodarstvo [6on6] Dr.Oetker
Left 6EJI0CHE)l(KA u n9ITb rHoMuKoB [6on6] Snajper
Joined DO RE MI PIZDA TO BI [Fun Team] Dr.Oetker
Joined Dream Team [Highlander] Pyropan
Left Team Vision [Highlander] Snajper
Joined Team Vision [Highlander] Chasing
Joined 6EJI0CHE)l(KA u n9ITb rHoMuKoB [6on6] DONN1Y
Left Crab Killaz [6on6] Snajper
Left Pacani na Divane [Highlander] Snajper
Joined Pacani na Divane [Highlander] TheCrankyDoctor
Left Latent Energy [Highlander] Snajper
Joined Latent Energy [Highlander] Nagibator
Left Awesome Comrade Elite [Highlander] Snajper
Joined Crab Killaz [6on6] simba
Joined Awesome Comrade Elite [Highlander] Tranduill
Left Latent Energy [Highlander] Snajper
Left Air [6on6] Zeluboba
Left Patlatiye Govnari [2on2] Fellini
Joined Air [6on6] Zeluboba
Left X-Lёal [6on6] Snajper
Joined Patlatiye Govnari [2on2] Fellini
Joined X-Lёal [6on6] Fellini
Left Hooroo! Hooroo! [6on6] Snajper
Joined Hooroo! Hooroo! [6on6] Snajper
Left 69 [6on6] Snajper
Joined 69 [6on6] Arty
Left 69 [6on6] Snajper
Joined 69 [6on6] Arty
Joined Latent Energy [Highlander] Arty
Left Pushkin [Highlander] Mother Tereza
Joined Pushkin [Highlander] Mother Tereza
Left SOP. [6on6] Snajper
Left SOP [Highlander] Snajper
Left SOP [National Highlander Team] SaNeK
Joined SOP. [6on6] Snajper
Left Beret [6on6] Snajper
Joined SOP [National Highlander Team] Snajper
Joined SOP [Highlander] Snajper
Left Nova Team [Highlander] Snajper
Joined Beret [6on6] Snajper
Left Nova Team [6on6] Snajper
Left Nova Team [Fun Team] Snajper
Joined Nova Team [6on6] Craftic
Left Nova Team [6on6] Craftic
Joined Nova Team [6on6] Craftic
Joined Nova Team [Fun Team] Craftic
Joined Nova Team [Highlander] Craftic

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  1. Chasing: R? said:

    awesome player, team vision certified!
    one disadvantage is snajper’s communicational confidence. English is not his first language so he may seem a little quiet for some people (but hey its fine for HL Clusterfuck comms)

  2. narkkari: WNDR - kiti said:

    sorta good

  3. Citrus: pEn6c=3 - pEn9c=3 said:

    good player.