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Bulgaria shampain

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Still looking for a 6s team for next season. Trying to play in mid but if you are an open team that will reach playoffs and will stick together I am willing to trial still. I believe I have what it takes to be a mid med but of course there's always room to improve. The only thing i demand from the team is to be fluent in English and be professional – tell me if you've found someone else or you just don't like me instead of never contacting me again/removing me, cheers :)

PS: can only use mumble due to shit pc

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Action Team By Date
Joined Unexpected Academy [6on6] Samski
Left Midnight 6s [6on6] shampain
Left Throwyotech 2.0 [Highlander] shampain
Left combined we get 120 dpm [2on2] Brian
Left LobbylordZ [Fun Team] shampain
Joined Throwyotech 2.0 [Highlander] 96drum
Joined LobbylordZ [Fun Team] sasami
Left Deseras [Highlander] shampain
Left Day 6s [Fun Team] shampain
Joined casa de planck [LAN Team] planck
Joined Midnight 6s [6on6] harry
Left Divided Sixes Roster [6on6] shampain
Joined Day 6s [Fun Team] EquaL
Left United friends online [Fun Team] shampain
Joined Divided Sixes Roster [6on6] Taka
Left Erectin' a POOTIS [6on6] HarMala
Joined combined we get 120 dpm [2on2] Brian
Joined Erectin' a POOTIS [6on6] HarMala
Left Via's Nerd Assembly [6on6] shampain
Joined Via's Nerd Assembly [6on6] Raz
Joined Deseras [Highlander] Taka
Left @rustyrockets [6on6] shampain
Joined @rustyrockets [6on6] binkkye
Left Fluffy Cats Appreciation Society [6on6] Sad Face
Joined Fluffy Cats Appreciation Society [6on6] Sad Face
Left Snakus lovehouse [6on6] shampain
Joined United friends online [Fun Team] shampain
Joined Snakus lovehouse [6on6] Maku
Left Xork: Guys, push [Highlander] shampain
Joined Xork: Guys, push [Highlander] planck
Left Duderinos [6on6] shampain
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Left Cardbaord [Highlander] Ivak
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  1. planck: doggo - hi im dog said:

    Good medic, good calls, deserves a good team mid+ med

  2. binkkye: wagwan said:

    mid easy

  3. Scyper: UnX said:

    Would reccomend mid easy :)

  4. Polarium: -Xe- said:

    nice person

  5. Marv: REMOVE said:

    yes i would approve of this

  6. Brian: dab said:

    Really solid medic, can easily compete at top mid with the right team. One if not the strongest med pickup for mid atm

  7. yaynos: jajaja said:

    Really solid medic, can easily compete at top mid with the right team. One if not the strongest med pickup for mid atm

  8. NURWHAL: POOTISTAN - jajaja said:

    is such a great med and great person!! words cant describe her :D but numbers can, 4/10

  9. Matthes: [DOUG] said:

    god gamer, roamers will enjoy not being neglected

  10. rabid: [DOUG] said:

    prolly best med pickup for mid

  11. Racso said:

    don’t miss up on this pickup ffs people

  12. Alon3inh3ll: DV said:

    solid crossbow (no)

  13. zeFrosty: ESK - ty said:

    not aids, good heals…. solid gamer

  14. zeFrosty: ESK - ty said:

    keen, good heals…. solid gamer

  15. shampain: UnX said:

    thanks frosty

  16. shampain: UnX said:

    thank you frosty

  17. Hannes: ty said:

    Wow, heals on point. mid 100%%%%%

  18. yaynos: jajaja said:

  19. shampain: UnX said:

    yeah on that note
    lft pocket too

  20. Funs: Ascent - S-O said:

    slight weakness to the force a nature especially in the hands of melle (God), but pretty good otherwise!!

  21. tomas: FN said:

    Add me on paladins: sh4mpa1n

  22. cutwrist: lit said:

    really fucking good medic main tbh

  23. Racso said:


  24. Muffinz: LvG said:

    Surely can handle mid as medic. :>

    Good luck with you search!