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England Alfie

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Preferably a LAN team as I'm definitely interested in going/playing at i61.

Available to play pretty much every day, but some evenings I won't be available, depends on work schedule.

Looking to play pocket/roamer in a top high team

Also, I wanted to try a season of medic to see how it goes

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Joined Team CoolestMaster [6on6] Silver Tosspot
Left Stevie Wonder's Aim School [6on6] Alfie
Joined the meme council (brits) [Highlander] Drackk
Joined Stevie Wonder's Aim School [6on6] bink
Left Team Titty [6on6] Alfie
Joined Team Titty [6on6] Nation!
Left MemeTech® Industries [6on6] Alfie
Joined MemeTech® Industries [6on6] spudd
Left Danger Dogs [6on6] Alfie
Left Danger Gummi Bears [Highlander] .kr4tos
Left Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] Nation!
Joined Danger Gummi Bears [Highlander] .kr4tos
Joined KILLA KU$H KLAN [LAN Team] Alfie
Joined Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] Nation!
Joined OH BELLY [2on2] Moursi
Left Pennyfarming E-Sports [LAN Team] Alfie
Left #Killa-Beez E-sports [Highlander] Alfie
Left NHS [Fun Team] Alfie
Left Alfie and Greg [2on2] Alfie
Joined Danger Dogs [6on6] ash
Left Pennyfarming eSports: Team Alfie [1on1] Alfie
Left Moss Pigs [6on6] Alfie
Joined Moss Pigs [6on6] Fra.ger
Left Mitchiri Neko [6on6] Alfie
Joined Mitchiri Neko [6on6] Marmite
Left Team Freedom [6on6] Alfie
Joined Pennyfarming E-Sports [LAN Team] Alfie
Joined #Killa-Beez E-sports [Highlander] Alfie
Left Facepunch UK [Highlander] Alfie
Joined Team Freedom [6on6] Alfie
Left Lynch Mob [6on6] Alfie
Joined Alfie and Greg [2on2] Alfie
Left Lynching Ballers [2on2] Alfie
Joined Pennyfarming eSports: Team Alfie [1on1] Alfie
Joined NHS [Fun Team] Alfie
Joined Lynching Ballers [2on2] Alfie
Joined Lynch Mob [6on6] Alfie
Left amentibus [6on6] nijoonen
Joined amentibus [6on6] Alfie
Left Inspiration? [6on6] blacky_aq
Joined Inspiration? [6on6] Pom0
Joined Facepunch UK [Highlander] Alfie
Left Knights of the Square Chair [Highlander] Alfie
Joined Knights of the Square Chair [Highlander] Retroperspect

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  1. Koling: #PM said:

    gOOD med, a GOD ON soLLY 👌 👌 👌 👌

  2. Yohn said:

    I agree with Kolin 200% percent ^^

  3. yak: zZZ - c u nt said:

    Strong man

  4. T0m: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    will neck fight to assert dominance

  5. Turbo: bobs said:

    Sleeps standing up

  6. Sn0w: _____iwate - c u nt said:

    Runescape god

  7. alba: ° - Lucrosa said:

    Very nice guy and sick player! Deserves a good team

  8. Silver Tosspot: C00L - (°)> said:


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