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UnitedKingdom B4ro

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after placing third in playoffs I think I'm ready to enter mid again. I'm looking to play Roamer but I can also play Pocket if you want.

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  1. YeeHaw: imG' - POCKET said:

    get b4ro on the high ground and its over anakin

  2. Dave_the_Irate: W0LF - SENS said:

    Strong DM and cool guy.

  3. osvaldo: KaoS said:

    Awesome teammate, super dedicated, funny memer, solid DM

    Definetly worth your time

  4. AwditaS: eskimo said:

    can’t do medic rollout on badlands

  5. B4ro: (ETF2L Donator) - SQUAD said:


  6. catbowcar: ? said:

    nutty wifefucker