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Spain smiguel

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Hi, after a shaky irl situation i wanna go play again

Med/Solly: top open/mid
Scout/Demo: open just for funsies

Id like a team that i enjoy playing on, and although obviously i want to play at as a high level as i can id rather have fun while doing it

Im worst at scout so i like to get cerried by shitty offclasses, aside from that i dont mind playing any other class

My team ended 3rd in open last season (i played pocket), and ive played 3 seasons of med before that (2 open 1 mid), aside from countless mixes, a couple of LOLHL seasons, and national cups (spain is really starved of players lmao)

About me, im 100% tilt proof, they say im a nice guy ™ and im good at both maincalling and listening to calls, not bad dm but its not my strong suit i dont think, can speak english, spanish, and meh at german

Anyways if you are interested or have any more questions add me and ask, i might be occupied but ill get to you asap

For further info, check out my paid shill comments down below 👌 💯

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  1. yeth: KT - l&r said:

    Amazing gamesense and maincalling. If you are missing a pocket, you should pick him up fast before someone else does!

  2. bandid said:

    Good medic. He’s very talkative and gives nice calls

  3. TurbAndy: KT said:

    really good performance in season 26 as pocket! solid maincalls and calm speaker
    great friend and teammate!

  4. Hoolygan5: SMK said:

    pick him

  5. osvaldo: KT said:

    Very solid medic and solly player, awesome main caller and teammate to have in your roaster. His experience is defo a strong point. Also a super nice/funny guy

  6. Capu: (Anti Cheat Staff) said:

    His name is midfall (not his real name but youll have to get closer for him to tell you that), his steam is [ESP]smiguel, url , he´s 19 if you are wondering, lives in an island called Gran Canaria (time zone the same as London, GMT), so ping is usually about 30-40 on the pro-servers and 70+ on pubs. He started playing some lobbies in tf2 center when he got bored of not being able to play medic in pubs, but now he´s getting bored of not being able to play medic on lobbies for the lack of communication, he´s played about 40 lobbies and has 650 hours in-game, so i guess you could say he´s pretty new, however he´s been told that he´s not that bad as medic, if that means anything to you…

  7. smiguel: KT said:

    holy shit i was so autistic when i made that recruitment post wtf

  8. voxtec: mL^ said:

    He is midly infuriating in Dmixs. Besides that he is a solid player, who should be able to play mid!

  9. sage: (ETF2L Donator) - KT said:

    great twitch stream moderator

  10. catbowcar: ...SAD said:

    his maincalling is insane and from what ive seen his demo is amazing aswell, pick him up

  11. TinyTerror: TyTog said:

    kill yourself

  12. TinyTerror: TyTog said:

    kill yourself

  13. TinyTerror: TyTog said:

    just kidding rly good at tf2

  14. cL42: KT said:

    good player, great banter, can play top open ezly

  15. fischa said:

    dank memes could go prem, he could go steel..

  16. So||o Wo|o said:

    Collects chromosomes, 8/5 would bang again