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Hungary Hoolygan5

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I am looking for a team where main positions!
add me and ask :)

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Left Team pom [6on6] dogsdiner
Joined xXShuriken%Master%KillersXx [Highlander] Miko
Left Jin☯Jang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined Team pom [6on6] dogsdiner
Left Exodus [6on6] Hoolygan5
Joined Exodus [6on6] Maci
Left APEX [6on6] Hoolygan5
Joined Jin☯Jang [Highlander] Ares
Left send nudes to cowboys [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined APEX [6on6] DuMmTm
Left fasszopo [6on6] Hoolygan5
Joined fasszopo [6on6] Hoolygan5
Joined send nudes to cowboys [Highlander] nubbi
Left JinJang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Left Cubic Meter [6on6] nubbi
Joined JinJang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined Cubic Meter [6on6] nubbi
Left Ken Fanclub [6on6] Hoolygan5
Left JinJang ② [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined Ken Fanclub [6on6] zejiM
Left Ken Fanclub [6on6] Hoolygan5
Joined Ken Fanclub [6on6] Hoolygan5
Left The Suffering [2on2] Hoolygan5
Left King Trump 2.0 [6on6] Hoolygan5
Joined Medic main [1on1] Hoolygan5
Joined JinJang ② [Highlander] 1_G4M3R_1
Joined The Suffering [2on2] nubbi
Left NORLY's Rockets Love You [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined NORLY's Rockets Love You [Highlander] TEK IT EZ
Left JinJang ② [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined JinJang ② [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Left Jin☯Jang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Left Nasztusasok [2on2] Hoolygan5
Joined King Trump 2.0 [6on6] yeth
Left :☯: [1on1] Hoolygan5
Left XOXOXO [6on6] Hoolygan5
Joined Nasztusasok [2on2] Hoolygan5
Left The Suffering [2on2] nubbi
Joined XOXOXO [6on6] 1_G4M3R_1
Joined The Hungarian Cunts [Fun Team] Hoolygan5
Joined The Suffering [2on2] nubbi
Left Buzik [2on2] Hoolygan5
Joined Buzik [2on2] Hoolygan5
Joined :☯: [1on1] Hoolygan5
Left stampede [6on6] pepe
Joined stampede [6on6] pepe
Joined Jin☯Jang [Highlander] 1_G4M3R_1
Left enter the maksa [6on6] Hoolygan5
Left Mount Everekt [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined Mount Everekt [Highlander] Mappy
Joined enter the maksa [6on6] Sunbather
Left Coton House [6on6] Hoolygan5
Joined Coton House [6on6] Reoccurring
Left Eternal War [Highlander] Houston
Joined Eternal War [Highlander] Houston

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  1. gaming_messiah2: yeet - EDO said:

    hi yes this is collincrack1

  2. csiga: L3RD - pizza said:

    my boy

  3. smiguel: KT said:

    hot slav superstar, would add him to my team anyday

  4. Spooky said:

    can’t speak english very well but he is always motivated and tries to bring out the best of his team

  5. Nikolomara: (◕‿◕✿) - EDO said:

    good med for low mid, but dont let him play demo on reckoner x)

  6. Reoccurring: said:

    he is good at english like me at Japan, but he is a talented player.

  7. nubbi: pizza said:


  8. Geri: ζ said:


  9. osvaldo: KT said:

    Super cool guy