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Greece TEK IT EZ

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UGC only.

Looking for a low plat team, or silver too if it's a fun one. Can sub plat if I still get a couple games.

inb4 no spot anyway because there's like 4 million spies.

hmu :)

PS I can't actually play heavy

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  1. Mr British: Luck - dab said:

    Improve calls and good pickup

  2. TEK IT EZ: jajaja said:

    I can call memes ^^

  3. Gorzum: zesty - pootis XD said:

    Gets down to business, willing to improve and loves impersonating Sonic with the big earner ; can give low plat a shot

  4. Derakusa said:

    Good knife spyman + good timings. Can make pyro’s life hard and has great calls too

  5. TEK IT EZ: jajaja said:

    no i dont have great calls wtf dera

  6. TEK IT EZ: jajaja said:

    I messaged him apparently he actually thinks my calls are ok

  7. Clark: FROG - SDCK said:

    he’s a lad

  8. Cryyy said:

    nice guy

  9. Divine said:

    Shit spy, amazing heavy.

  10. Sad Face said:

    Open, too arrogant for his skill level and frankly needs to learn how to take criticism and not let his ego get in the way of things

  11. TEK IT EZ: jajaja said:

    well that was some meme by simba

  12. Divine said:

    simba is just too salty lmao

  13. Broly: SEKS (me) said:

    i’ve only heard great things about this gamer. i’m not sure about his attitude nor his criticism problems because i’ve never spoke to him but i can tell you that rator and divine can tell you that he’s a good spy.

  14. Nikolomara: (◕‿◕✿) - EDO said:

    is greek is good

  15. .strix: Impulse said:

    amazing on spy never really saw him playing heavy =/

  16. Rator X: SCOOPER - NRLY said:

    His favourite bind is “Trickrekt”. His favourite (only?) call is ” trickstabbed”. That probably says a lot about him . On a serious note, easily top silver or plat.

  17. Teroantero: HZ said:

    gud videogamer