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I am an Eastern US TF2 player that is new to the competitive side of tf2. I have 1550 hours played into TF2, i am a good listener, i pretty much don't have a schedule, so i can play whenever. I have a headset with a microphone. I am mostly good with and main as Scout, Pyro and Sniper, but i am good with Soldier aswell. im not very good with Demoman or Spy, but i do have knowledge on how to play Engineer, Heavy, and Medic, i will play any of those three if it is required.

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  1. Pootis Bird said:

    Sending a invite. We need a pocket and a possible substitute in case someone can’t play

  2. sbb: Pk said:

    sending an invite we need a medic player

  3. sbb: Pk said:

    sending you an invite we need a medic player

  4. The Narrator said:

    hello! im a medic main (i could play scout but im not great with him) i live in the US, right now i dont have a mic but i can type fast (over 70 wpm) and i currently have 900 hours.

  5. DKD said:

    Hey I can be good at scout and sniper and I’ve played for 1797 hours

  6. yolobear101 said:

    Hi! I have only about 200 hours in tf2 but I topscore in all of the casual games I play. I have little experience with competitive tf2 but I know how everything works and I have studied a lot on it. I am a soldier main and I would like to be a Roamer. I get quick clean kills and am not very good at air shots but pretty descent at rollouts and rocket jumping. I unfortunately can only practice at a constant rate 2 days a week which would be Saturday and Sunday. I can maybe if needed do a competition on a Friday very rarely. I know you prob don’t want me cuz of my tight schedule but I would greatly like 2 join.

  7. Ricochet said:

    Cool would like to join our team we could use scout on our team and sending invite , could add me for more info

  8. Silverware: \HYP/ said:

    I would like to add you as a sub for my team. If you are interested we have a match this Sunday at 9:30am PST I would ask you to play with us.

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