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Old rec post closed.

Ideally looking for a serious prem team since I feel I can do well, and even better if it's a team for any upcoming LAN's because I'm keen.

If nothing else I'd like to play Soldier or Demo for a keen high team if there is nothing going, I'm bored af.

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Left checkers [LAN Team] Scissors
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Joined International Oral Sex [6on6] walters
Left Butt-stallions [6on6] Deox
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Joined I'm Günna Dank Et [Highlander] B4n4n4m4n
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  1. Pred: REMOVE - said:


  2. Crayon: MUUQ - TC said:

    aNy dEOx subBS?

  3. Sqipperr: LvG - KAAS said:

  4. zeFrosty said:

  5. Deox: half - -chess- said:

    Bumping this to say if anyone is looking for a gamer for the Cups then hmu.

  6. Pred: REMOVE - said:


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