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Hi! I am Gold. I main Soldier, and am looking for a team for the fresh meat challenge! I can play Scout, Soldier, Demoman, or Spy if needed to! Thank you!

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Joined Knightly Strangers [6on6] omicron
Joined Knightly strangers [Fun Team] PowerNisajo
Left why did i do this [6on6] GoldWatson
Joined why did i do this [6on6] GoldWatson

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  1. PowerNisajo: KYS said:

    Interested in picking you up as a soldier.

  2. Never Tried Comp said:

    Hi I am a spy main i have about 600 hours in TF2 and 80 hours on spy yes, i have no life

  3. AD_Kim said:

    Can I join as a Pyro? I have a total of 245 hours.

  4. AD_Kim said:

  5. AD_Kim said:

    I’m not good at heavy, but I can do any other class. I can snipe pretty well. I can also be medic. I am pretty okay at engie too!

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