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Hello, I am AtomElectron, but just all me Atom. I am looking for a team to play with in the upcoming Fresh Meat challenge (Rules available on home page). I have only played a few matches in the utterly broken TF2 Competetive system. Anybody who can play the game even decently is welcome, and I will try my hardest to lead us to victory.

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  1. Piturnah said:

    Hey, I have a bunch of TF2C lobbies under my belt and half a season of Silver 6v6.

    I’d like to play medic in the team :)

  2. toxicrabbitxd said:

    ummm..yes how to join the demoman class XD

  3. Grid: TTMM said:

    I’ll join as scout if I can :)

  4. toxicrabbitxd said:

    Hi,I’m Toxicrabbitxd I am a Casual player who got wrecked by the comp players on TF2C(I played 24 matches)…I would like to play this Comp scene whit players of my skill…if you could let me play demo..i will try my best as a demo..for now I am still learning rollouts and trying my best to be better at this game and reach that point when i will be eccepted to the comp community one day…i love this game and i want my love to expand and reach the comp scene…thanks for reading my message.

  5. JagAss said:

    Hey! I’m JagAss and I main Engineer and Medic! I may only have about 550+ hours in the game, but I play non-stop working on my aim, working as a team and working on the main and important parts of engineering and medic playing such as proper building spots/crit healing/spreading heals around and keeping aware of spies.

    I have a recruitment page if you want to know a little more!

    -JagAss :)

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