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CzechRepublic k

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hi, give me a team so i can fight alfies dad on some lans parking lot

– shit dm
– shit gamesense
– shit english
– shit/non-existent calls

+ can hold crouch button in mid-air
+ not a weeb
+ dead inside so i cant rage
+ rep good trader

add me on steam or snapchat

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Action Team By Date
Joined Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] degu
Joined mkcat [6on6] Lanzer
Left TWO SHAME FACES [6on6] k
Joined TWO SHAME FACES [6on6] Mercyless
Left Danger Dogs [6on6] Serotone
Joined Danger Dogs [6on6] Nation!
Left Kauniit ja Rohkeat [6on6] k
Joined Kauniit ja Rohkeat [6on6] Luikuri
Left Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] k
Left Dazed [6on6] k
Joined Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] Sockx
Joined Dazed [6on6] Hencak
Left Team Biceps [6on6] k
Joined Team Biceps [6on6] k
Left Ohnive Prdele [6on6] Sonny Black
Left Highnine [Highlander] Sonny Black
Left Konungariket Sverige [2on2] Sonny Black
Joined Ohnive Prdele [6on6] k
Left Spasticity gaming [6on6] k
Joined Spasticity gaming [6on6] k
Left Ohnive Prdele [6on6] k
Joined Highnine [Highlander] k
Joined Konungariket Sverige [2on2] k
Joined Ohnive Prdele [6on6] k
Left exitus// tryhards [Highlander] k
Left Premium Gaming [6on6] k
Joined exitus// tryhards [Highlander] k
Left internetshouldbeillegal [Highlander] k
Joined internetshouldbeillegal [Highlander] Kalomo <(")
Joined Premium Gaming [6on6] TomasViper

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  1. Alfie: (ETF2L Donator) - C00L - bobs said:


  2. basher said:


  3. Astro said:


  4. earl: said:


  5. Lanzer: mkcat - XDCK said:

    dont lie to yourself ur a huge weeb

  6. basher said:

    The most versatile weapon in all of mankind is a fucking club.

  7. Raf: GODRAF said:

    give me snap

  8. MILKy said:

    nice very good good work job weeb scout aimbot k tomas kill youtube memes trickshot satisfying best world anime

  9. Pred: REMOVE - gandhi is said:

    don’t pick him up he hacks…

  10. Mercyless: Animate said:

    vac soon

  11. Yohn: [: said:

    really fucking good

  12. Scruff: DEOX - XDCK said:

    Katzchen will pound very very hard

  13. degu: SDCK said:

    pro weeb

  14. Rockz7ar: HMat - said:


  15. lukas: ・ᴗ・ - XDCK said:

    chill and cool guy with good dm

  16. ult1mate: said:

    Pretty nuts

  17. kraken said:

    haha nt tomco

  18. Copper: RB - FROG said:


  19. junnu: ku$h - mmm dick said:

    hes a fragger

  20. Maros: aF - S-O said:

    nech si v premke do 2 sezón, chcem poskladať cz/sk tím

  21. ryuk: proc. said:

    so cancerous that his neck literally developed a fucking tumor. Not kidding just ask him, he had surgery recently

  22. ryuk: proc. said:

    but overall sick cunt, always hooks me up with best anime recommendation <3 fucking weeb

  23. LostMySelf: PYSSY said:

    top weeb shit player carried him csgo and didnt even commend

  24. degu: SDCK said:

  25. jyrkas: HMat - said:

    The following player has been found guilty of cheating and is now banned from all ETF2L competitions for one year:

    CzechRepublic k – Wallhack

    CzechRepublic qsb – Alt account of nečum

  26. Ama: said:

    so fat

  27. Yohn: [: said:

    bump for this guy
    hes realllly good

  28. Yohn: [: said:

    bump for this guy
    very good scout

  29. Yohn: [: said:

    (im an idiot)

  30. MILKy said:

    too toxic even for prem…………………………..

  31. MILKy said:

    also better than all scouts in high FACT

  32. narkkari: smh - VR said:


  33. ult1mate: said:

    <3 insane

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