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CzechRepublic Koling

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pocket only, 4-5 days a week

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Left Garda Panteri [6on6] Koling
Left Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] Koling
Left #Pub Masters [Highlander] Koling
Joined ROCKSTRAT 2 [Fun Team] Spanns
Joined Garda Panteri [6on6] Manky
Left Mr Bean eSports [6on6] Koling
Joined Mr Bean eSports [6on6] Yohn
Left dickStorm [6on6] Koling
Joined Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] degu
Joined dickStorm [6on6] Jordy
Left _Target Gaming [Fun Team] NURWHAL
Left [6on6] Koling
Joined _Target Gaming [Fun Team] NURWHAL
Joined [6on6] Koling
Left Snakes [6on6] Koling
Joined Snakes [6on6] yaynos
Left LAN dodgers [6on6] Koling
Joined LAN dodgers [6on6] Koling
Joined #Pub Masters [Highlander] Marty
Left lolhl [Fun Team] Koling
Left mgebiba & splashking [2on2] Koling
Left EGO [6on6] nutt
Joined EGO [6on6] nutt
Joined mgebiba & splashking [2on2] Koling
Left Kaiser [6on6] Koling
Joined lolhl [Fun Team] planck
Joined Kaiser [6on6] 01000101
Left Dog Dealers [6on6] Koling
Joined Dog Dealers [6on6] ManiacoBoss
Joined no brain all aim [1on1] Koling

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  1. Hempus: eskimo said:

    strong, keen boy 💪💪💪

  2. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - kiti said:

    BEST CZE RUSSIAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ult1mate: said:

    keen and cutie :3

  4. mak: -Xe- said:

    Good attitude and DM – at least trial him bois!!!

  5. oJ: RINGO - PAKI said:

    sick dm and very keen

  6. Caeli: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - #T4F said:

    lovable guy and very fucking keen, he will be the best when he gets more experience.

  7. Nevo: eskimo - c u nt said:

    strong & keen, high material here!

  8. Lanzer: _____iwate - NYS said:

    prty c00l

  9. eskimo: eskimo said:

    mega big dick

  10. Jordy: dick - SENS said:

    great dm, very keen, a bit quiet though and would benefit from a good maincaller.

  11. croix said:

    he was good dm-wise probably even better now

  12. Koling said:


  13. Spanns: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - A07 said:

    good player who is very keen, he needs a good team

  14. degu: nunya.BLK - SDCK said:

    kid knows his shit

  15. GONA said:

    will improve fast, keen and is already pretty good :)

  16. Koling said:


  17. celvn: wtf - PAKI said:


  18. paradox: pA - kiti said:

    kokot haHAA

  19. Koling said:


  20. Koling said:


  21. ult1mate: said:

    qt 3.14, pretty keen also

  22. aloha: adk said:

    I found him like the best czech team player atm.

    Hes opposite of dm lord and his dm is just side effect of his perfect team performance.

    Similiar to Taihoo game style, maybe even more focused on his team.

  23. rabid: dick said:

    good player, is improving quickly