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Here's my steam if you want to look at my stats
Ignore the most points/kills in tf2, those very high numbers are from my early days of idle servers. I have ~800 hours in game. I'm not that bad of a player, but I'm not super good either. Never done any competitive thing outside of the in-game comp mode or finding comp players in pubs.

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  1. Olee said:

    I may do this. Depends on me friends, but I am good solly, scout, and non-sticky-spammer demo.

  2. Kenzo said:

    ey, i’d like to join this team please.

  3. zalzis said:

    Hello it seems you may need a true blue Australian sniper. I would like to join this team. I have a bit over 400hrs and have my good and bad days of sniping.

    ~zalzis: Australia

  4. themadnessman said:

    I might do this, depends on when the games happen, I’m alright on engineer as well as pyro

  5. Sur said:

    I think this post was in the place where you make a post about you so teams looking for players get people, right? Either way, there’s four people on this post and one dude that commented on my profile. That’s 6 people. I’ll contact people seperately if no one sees this.

  6. Fish: MAW said:

    Im interested in joining this team. I main soldier and currently have 692 hours in the game, and 200 on my old account. My profile link

    I might not be able to play, depending on the time.

  7. Fish said:

    Hi, my name is fish food and here is my steam account

    I would like to join your team, i currently have 1,878 hours on team fortress two and consider myself a good soldier and maybe a scout. I hope you consider this and would accept me into your team. Thanks -Fish Food

  8. Lance Smites said:

    I’m interested in this team, I can generally be whatever class is required for me to be. I have many hours on TF2 but no comp experience outside a few times playing TF2’s in-game comp mode. I have many hours played on TF2 but I took a break a while ago because the updates weren’t interesting me, so I’m rusty. I have really good days and really bad days.

    If you are interested ^

  9. Fraggins said:

    Can I join? I play scout/soldier with 1,380 hours on the game but I might not be available at all times so if I can join I’d be a sub

  10. Sebi said:

    I am a fresh meat from Canada and available from 4:00 – 6:30 weekdays and on weekends I am practically available whenever.

    I am a good pyro and a decent heavy. I am very flexible in classes so I would like to join this team.

  11. Capt. Ben Sisko: MAW said:

    Hello I am from The US and have practically no competitive experience (a couple games in valve comp) and I am interested in joining this team. I currently have around 800 hours in the game however my stats page for the game is inaccurate due to a glitch experienced on a community server. I main medic but I am decent at soldier, demo and heavy I can usually play during most weekdays at 6:00 to 9:00 (depending on what I’m doing) however I am usually available during almost all of the weekend.

  12. Sebi said:

    Also here is my steam profile

  13. Sebi said:

    my steam id is this

  14. Thehunter926: MAW said:

    Hello, I main Soldier and I am capable of playing Scout/Demo/Spy as well, but the majority of competitive experience I have comes from Soldier.

    Hours don’t mean too much, but I have around 3000 hours logged when you take away the idling I’m sure I’ve done. I have experience in the sense that I’ve played some of the comp gamemode as well as a few lobbies, but I think this would be the best experience. Please remember that I have minimal experience though, that’s my excuse in case I suck xD

    I’m not too sure of my schedule as it changes frequently, but I am very interested in trying this.

    My steam link is

    I hope this can work out, I will have to see as time goes by. Thanks for considering :D

  15. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    There was a bit of misunderstanding. The player who made this post is also looking for a team. That’s why it was posted in “Players” section of recruitment pages.

    But looking at the responses here you guys should try to make a team together looking at how much interest there is.

  16. Thehunter926: MAW said:

    Oh…. I was looking through “recruitment” and found this, it was my understanding it was a team. But I agree, with this much interest I guess we might as well lol

  17. Capt. Ben Sisko: MAW said:

    How would one go about actually starting a team under the recruitment listings (I cant seem to figure it out).

  18. Capt. Ben Sisko: MAW said:

    I figured out how to create a team its id is 28481 I will invite all those who provided IDs and those who still wish to join can also provide steam IDs. The team name is MightAsWell 1. because I could not think of a better name and 2. “But I agree, with this much interest I guess we might as well lol” -thehunter926.

  19. Sur said:

    Now that Jan cleared everything up for me (thank you), there never was a team, but I seemed to amass enough people to make one, so I made one. Sorry to everyone who came later, you should go hit up Sisko. He seems to have an open team.

  20. Thehunter926: MAW said:

    Who are the ones who were here first, idk

  21. HardlyHumorous said: Im rather new player and Im not a bad player but not a good one I would like to play engineer and I could be a valuable asset to the team….. and I have no prior experience in competitive. If engineer is not available I could possible play pyro or scout but I am best as engineer thank you for reading this and I hope you choose meeeee!!!!! :)

  22. Bacon: #MDT said:

    I’m pretty new to comp. I like 800 hours and I’m best at soldier. I can also play medic and heavy pretty well.

  23. Bacon: #MDT said:

    I’m pretty new to comp. I like 800 hours and I’m best at soldier. I can also play medic and heavy pretty well.

  24. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    @Capt. Ben Sisko: Sorry for late reply. When you’re making a recruitment post (link here: first option you’re given is a drop down menu saying “You are:” with options “A player” and “A team”. That’s how you can create a post for either a player or a team. On the top of recruitment page you can then switch between player posts and team posts:

  25. Krazy Dude said:

    I could play Heavy or Solider, I am pretty good as them.

  26. RussianGFish said:

    I play many classes, I have 800 hours. I’m very flexible in Solly, engineer, medic, and heavy. I would love to be on a team.

  27. Bastian0930 said:


    I am Bastian0930, and would like to join this team. I can play medic pretty decently, am capable of uberchains, I am EXTREMELY good at spy with the eternal reward, and can do a 1-2-3 combo as a pyro with the flame thrower, flare gun, and axetinguiser.

    My link to my user page is

    Thank you for considering my team join request.

    TLDR: Amazing at spy, Great at pyro, good at medic, and can use demoknight. I can main pyro/spy, and use both freaquently.

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