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Finland Luikuri

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For Finnish players: HALOOO IT-TUKI??
For everyone else: Hi, I can teach you how to drop ubers! Add me on steam if you need a buddy.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Tikor [2on2] Treaty
Joined FaZer Clan [6on6] Treaty
Left SaLaneuvos (fin) [Fun Team] eLs
Joined SaLaneuvos (fin) [Fun Team] eLs
Left ٩( °‿°)۶ [Fun Team] Luikuri
Left oneday [6on6] Luikuri
Joined oneday [6on6] wiggle
Left [Highlander] Luikuri
Left Kaapin Paikka ReRIP [6on6] Luikuri
Joined Kaapin Paikka ReRIP [6on6] skete
Left Kauniit ja Rohkeat [6on6] Luikuri
Joined [Highlander] ALX-1
Left LoL HL [Highlander] Luikuri
Joined Kauniit ja Rohkeat [6on6] Luikuri
Left Aviate [6on6] Muze
Joined Aviate [6on6] Muze
Left Luikurin Susejengi [6on6] Luikuri
Left Kinuskikastike [2on2] Luikuri
Joined Luikurin Susejengi [6on6] Luikuri
Left Autismi Tölkissä [6on6] Luikuri
Joined LoL HL [Highlander] Frousti
Left Apina ftw [Highlander] Luikuri
Joined Autismi Tölkissä [6on6] Charred
Left Pojat Mitalleiden Perässä [6on6] DyaWyb
Joined Pojat Mitalleiden Perässä [6on6] Dragonce
Joined Kinuskikastike [2on2] kittamiau
Left Red Slider [2on2] Luikuri
Left we are still better than process [6on6] Luikuri
Joined we are still better than process [6on6] Irf00
Joined Apina ftw [Highlander] Luikuri
Left Illusion [6on6] Luikuri
Joined ٩( °‿°)۶ [Fun Team] Luikuri
Joined CredunKylkimyyrät [LAN Team] credu
Joined Illusion [6on6] Markus
Left Epik Meme [6on6] Luikuri
Joined Epik Meme [6on6] credu
Joined Red Slider [2on2] credu
Left Epik Meme [6on6] Luikuri
Joined Epik Meme [6on6] skete
Left Genetic Identification [6on6] Luikuri
Joined Genetic Identification [6on6] EqualisE.

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View Mid/High 3 433
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    hyvä kaveri

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