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Italy alba

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looking for a prem team, since i don't want to waste a season in high. I'm not totally sure yet, but I might be interested

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  1. Brian: dab said:

    Prem pyro

  2. KemNG said:

    Has been improving loads recently. Sick dm and good comms. Pick him while you can

  3. Teeru: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° - KP said:

    He is too good for you ;3

  4. yugo: Lucrosa said:

    very good

  5. .strix: 2eZ - -MEOW- said:

    this rec post is still up how ?

  6. Polarium: ʟᴏʟʜʟ - ᴀᴜᴛɪsᴍ said:

    sick player and nice guy

  7. Nightmare: SGrill - Lucrosa said:

    Let’s see, after playing the final against him, I only got one thing to say, he loves being up the medic’s ass. He does a great job at protecting him, but it’s also his greatest weakness since he’s nowhere else.

  8. sasami: VR said:

    what nightmare said tbh
    italian legend,best pizza in the whole country,his tagliatelle always make me moist

  9. Georgebaii said:

    “The loser will have to play in the full preseason playoff bracket.”

    You still have a chance technically…

  10. Adje: GIEL - dab said:

    best pyro lft

  11. Nebula: -MEOW- said:

    honestly one of the best player i have ever met

  12. Scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - officer - ubad said:


  13. nubbi: said:

    top lad, pick him up!

  14. Sketis eks de: MossyB - MSRBXX said:


  15. Freakie: 2eZ said:

    Surely prem. Nothing else to say

  16. Cookie_: FROG - said:

    aids italian

  17. sasami: VR said:

    @george,the almighty alba does already have a plan, don’t underestimate his huuuuuge brain (rlly big brain)

  18. .strix: 2eZ - -MEOW- said:

    bella leccatina di culo tbh

  19. shampain: mi6 said:

    Haven’t seen him play much but from what I’ve seen he is very consistent with his performances

  20. extrasolar: officer - A07 said:


  21. georgie: Leska! - c u nt said:

    big boy, prem for sure. xoxo