Scout  Mid/Open Skill, 6on6

European catbowcar

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top open or low mid either is fine. can play flank and pocket scout, and can snipe sometimes.
can play everyday and very keen to improve. add me

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Action Team By Date
Left we are bigfoot [6on6] catbowcar
Joined we are bigfoot [6on6] catbowcar
Joined big man like me wit a beard [Highlander] catbowcar
Left keep your creamy buns out of my face [Fun Team] catbowcar
Joined keep your creamy buns out of my face [Fun Team] eldocwho
Left still got the badge still got the gun [6on6] catbowcar
Left _Target Gaming [Fun Team] NURWHAL
Joined _Target Gaming [Fun Team] mak
Left The Foreskin Devourers [Fun Team] catbowcar
Joined The Foreskin Devourers [Fun Team] Klin
Left DPRK [Fun Team] catbowcar
Left shitheads [2on2] catbowcar
Joined DPRK [Fun Team] Nagle
Joined shitheads [2on2] catbowcar
Joined PREACHING PAUL [1on1] catbowcar
Joined still got the badge still got the gun [6on6] catbowcar
Left Strafe Into My Rockets [6on6] catbowcar
Left [Highlander] iKill_
Joined Strafe Into My Rockets [6on6] Triga
Joined [Highlander] iKill_
Left Yes! We're Open [6on6] catbowcar
Left Unforeseen Consequences [Highlander] KoS_8BiT
Joined Unforeseen Consequences [Highlander] KoS_8BiT
Left SS. Disaster [Highlander] catbowcar
Joined Yes! We're Open [6on6] JENNYDEATH
Left untitled team. [6on6] quibinary
Joined SS. Disaster [Highlander] El chippo
Joined untitled team. [6on6] quibinary
Left ramm [6on6] Triangle
Joined ramm [6on6] Triangle

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  1. MoistPenguin: (League Admin) - (=゚・゚=) - Leila+8 said:

    Sometimes hits 3 digits of dpm. Except on reckoner where he pounds for some reason

  2. Klin: lit - ᴀᴜᴛɪsᴍ said:

    you better be hungry because this pretty boy feeds

  3. Cnoz: PrettyGay - Lucrosa said:

    gud scut

  4. Hot said:

    low open on his good days, feed the enemy at bad timing everytime, 100dpm avg
    also he thinks hes smart

  5. Georgebaii said:

    Only played one game with him so far but he showed some promise, just needs to work on his game-sense and he should be solid for Top Open/Low Mid.

  6. catbowcar: UP said:

    hot i havent been in a low open team yet but you were in s26. ?????????

  7. Hot said:

    instead of what you were dragging your own team down. i guess it is better for you but it is sadly showing how dumb you are. Not mentionning when you talk behind peoples back in order to kick them ( like babu or u)
    should i continu and take a look at logs?

  8. princess dvs: 4SKINGS - (°)> said:

    Nice guy with good dm and comms, gamesense is also on point.

  9. .strix: 2eZ - -MEOW- said:

    alright then after some shittalk here comes my turn

    friendly guy, his dm actually growned too a good level where he can actually handle low mid with a bit of gamesense, back when he played with me he had some problem of positioning which ofc leaded to an absolute feed(i don’t know if he fixed that problem).

    I think he deserves a chance he’s really dedicated and does everything to improve also the best fucking manager of scrims i’ve ever seen =D

  10. JENNYDEATH: (ETF2L Donator) - LvG - KAAS said:

    the shittalk here is unwarranted imo

    he’s got good enough gamesense and dm for a high open team but more importantly he has the right attitude and isn’t a massive pile of salt. he’s gotten a lot better since when i first played with him and will keep improving

  11. catbowcar: UP said:

    hot i never wanted to kick baboo or u, and baboo knew we were trialing a roamer on that one scrim. u left, baboo left because of his computer. stop lying and have some facts to back your words up.

  12. Hot said:

    stop lying? you beg me not to tell him u piece of shit

  13. catbowcar: UP said:

    whos him you fuckin retard ive already told baabo.

  14. catbowcar: UP said:

    i told him the day we trialed another roamer

  15. duckers: BaB - KAAS said:

    I’ve only played with him once, but he’s a super nice guy with good dm from what I’ve seen.

  16. BaaBo: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° - KP said:

    hot stop being a shitter, you ragequitted the team.
    I knew everything that cat was doing at that time. He does leading well and is really social
    Does everything to get better and shows improvement all the time, doesnt do stupid feeds much anymore. Has good DM and decent gamesense, and with some mentoring he will get his gamesense to good really fast. Cat is really keen and never misses a scrim.

    tl;dr you should give him a trial if you’re looking for a scout that grows into your team really quickly

  17. Akuma: kevin said:

    Gosh hot. I don’t even know you and already hate you. Also, nice english skills while calling someone who seems pretty damn smart to me dumb.

    Cat is pretty neat. Prolly needs to work on his gamesense a bit and he should be a really good pick.

  18. Klin: lit - ᴀᴜᴛɪsᴍ said:

    Adding more onto this:

    Got picked up onto the team this season after their pocket left. Very welcoming, cat is a really great guy to be around.
    Needs to work on gamesense, but that can be done slowly with the right team.
    third worlder, but doesn’t tilt. dm is good enough for top open. low mid, i couldn’t say.
    pick him up

  19. Hot said:

    its not like I started the shit talk, cat did it for no reason. So i will keep posting and calling him out cause i feel like it.

  20. Adje: GIEL - dab said:

  21. Hot said:

  22. Georgebaii said:

    Toxic Frenchies wow how unexpected…

  23. catbowcar: UP said:

    pls stop hating on each other, i threw some shade at him first in steam chat for some left over beef, so his shittalk is understandable. stop now

  24. Hot said:

    nuh uh you dont decide when it stops, only when it started

  25. Klin: lit - ᴀᴜᴛɪsᴍ said:


  26. Thu_: regretful said:

    Farmer from Georgia, can work with his hands if he needs to. Decent enough dm for top open and pretty good gamesense.

  27. Celreo: - A07 said:

    he’s ok