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Denmark Sc0pe

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Alrighty, so it seems its gonna be another season without an ETF2L HL team :<
So looking for a team to SUB in I guess
1000+ hours on demo, good dmg and biggest and smartest brain in my city.
I cant and wont main call, as i'm stronger when i don't need to talk so much :)
I'd prefer a High team. But top Mid also works.
Can also sub Sniper and Soldier or something..

Also looking for a UGC Plat team for next season (Gold if that league will be revived)

Please hmu asap!

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  1. Sc0pe said:

    god damn

  2. Sc0pe said:


  3. Teatime: KaoS - pizza said:

    he’s called sc0pe but doesn’t even play sniper??

  4. Sc0pe said:

    i can play sniper in mid actually :thinking:

  5. Brian: -PP- - IVAN. said:

    good mid sniper and a really solid demo at top mid/low high

    Also a nice lad which helps, worth a trial

  6. Sc0pe said:

    cheers duds

  7. yaynos: -PP- said:


  8. Chando: KaoS - Leila+8 said:

    very keen and chill player, worth a shot in high

  9. Sc0pe said:


  10. Sc0pe said:


  11. ThePenguin: JUNIORBWAI said:

    deserves high

  12. Sc0pe said:

    up up up and away

  13. Cryyy: LvG said:

    reliable strong demo with good attitude

  14. Sc0pe said:

    sigh hmu fam

  15. Sc0pe said:


  16. Sc0pe said:

    still looking :u

  17. alba: Hol - XDCK said:

    Good gamer, could easily play top mid/low high. Pick him

  18. Sc0pe said:

    mostly looking for a gold/plat team for ugc now :D