Scout  High Skill, 6on6

Denmark basher

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pick me up
im fine with joining a good mid team to

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined i'm a mid spy [Highlander] ducky
Left Super Dickmann's SENSATION! [Highlander] basher
Left Thailand [National Highlander Team] basher
Left Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] basher
Joined Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] am
Left Bum the snake hiissssssssssssss!! [6on6] basher
Joined Bum the snake hiissssssssssssss!! [6on6] Celreo
Left TwisteD.tf2 [6on6] basher
Joined Super Dickmann's SENSATION! [Highlander] Firefly
Joined TwisteD.tf2 [6on6] Chando
Left Planet Expresso [6on6] WildPiggie
Left Veritas eSports [Highlander] Popkern
Joined Veritas eSports [Highlander] Popkern
Left Pocket Rocket [Highlander] basher
Joined Planet Expresso [6on6] WildPiggie
Left Uber Outcasts [6on6] basher
Joined Pocket Rocket [Highlander] lovely
Left Dads Who Love to Smoke the Herb [Highlander] basher
Joined Dads Who Love to Smoke the Herb [Highlander] laceyk1ng
Left Chaos [Highlander] basher
Joined Uber Outcasts [6on6] Scruff
Left Love is the Movement [6on6] basher
Joined Love is the Movement [6on6] Alva
Left Assembly of Gentlemen [6on6] basher
Joined Assembly of Gentlemen [6on6] 1C4NTK1LLSH1T
Left Eccentric [6on6] P1zz4Th13f
Joined Eccentric [6on6] P1zz4Th13f
Left Hands of God [6on6] basher
Joined Thailand [National Highlander Team] Super
Joined Chaos [Highlander] Rogue
Left Pocket Rocket [Highlander] basher
Joined Hands of God [6on6] Not Steven
Left Generic 6's team name [6on6] basher
Left Thailand [National Highlander Team] basher
Joined Pocket Rocket [Highlander] Kim
Joined Generic 6's team name [6on6] LewisWTF
Left [6on6] basher
Left Team Hii Skye [Highlander] basher
Joined Thailand [National Highlander Team] Jelly
Joined Team Hii Skye [Highlander] | Hii |
Left 2Average4U [2on2] basher
Joined [6on6] Rogue
Left fnatic always throw [6on6] basher
Joined fnatic always throw [6on6] UnawareMartin
Left Taco-Cats [Highlander] basher
Left Cloud 7 eSports [6on6] groove
Joined Cloud 7 eSports [6on6] groove
Left Burrito Dogs [6on6] basher
Joined 2Average4U [2on2] groove
Joined Taco-Cats [Highlander] Fluctorissia
Joined Burrito Dogs [6on6] UnawareMartin
Left Burrito Dogs [6on6] UnawareMartin
Joined Burrito Dogs [6on6] UnawareMartin

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  1. PolygoN: Lλmbda - 8===D said:


  2. over11dose said:

    Would strongly reccomend this guy.

  3. collincrack1: yort - EDO said:

    :ok_hand::skin-tone-5: scout

  4. seeds: unknown - MRD said:

    14:58 – yungtwinkz: you got something to add bitch?

  5. Celreo: LADS said:

    pro player

  6. basher: EDO said:


  7. Vouri: _____iwate - PAKI said:

    cool guy cool gamer

  8. Caeli: NeuTronas - MRD said:

    great gaymer with nice memes

  9. alohaalt: wdc. - #PM said:

    calm cool guy, always willing to do the best for his team. HIGH DIV DM

    Very comfortible for pocket scout

  10. yaynos: ssssss - boi said:

    VERY large gamer

  11. ducky: bear) - EDO said:

    wrap assassin and guillotine main, gaming god

  12. Greenie said:


  13. Yohn said:

    honestly pick this guy up. high scout super chill dude :)))

  14. Raz: EDO said:

    S T R O N G

  15. basher: EDO said:


  16. basher: EDO said:

    bump again :(

  17. basher: EDO said:


  18. Shpeeisme: XD said:

    was pretty good when I played with him, his humor can be very, very offensive though.

  19. spectrum said:

    actually knows how to frag harder than anyone pick him up

  20. Liko: cat - Lucrosa said:

    proest player

  21. Ascend: Lλmbda - nugporn said:

    very good video gamer, has memes

  22. Jelly: FRESH - (°)> said:

    know this guy for a very long time, has been great as long as I can remember, Papa basher knows what he’s doing ;)

  23. Dutchman: yort - EDO said:

    very good gamer, pick up

  24. Astro said:

    I would call him good but he removed me from friends 2 times so now he’s a big noober in my eyes

    Seriously though, why isn’t Basher on a high team yet????? pick him up now, u won’t be dissapointed :))

  25. basher: EDO said:


  26. basher: EDO said:

    Niccz dub s

  27. TwiggyWan Kenobi: - HL said:

    says ok to trial ; is offline when the time comes without warning us beforehand..

  28. ducky: bear) - EDO said:

    high player stop deleting me

  29. Zamparonie: opeen? - open_sqd said:


    did i mention basher pick him up or he will bash your 4skin

  30. am: TDsnt said:

    Good high scout, pick him up, worth the trial atleast

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