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There we go, LFT once again. the team i was playing for dropped, so i have to find a new one. FFS. If you remember me from previous teams, I must say i have become much more calm and chill in these years :D

I'd love to be main engy, i can consider sub in top high team too or main in a strong top mid team. I can play pyro and heavy in mid too

Over 4500 hours played, 650+ as engie
15 seasons already on my old back

feel free to add me, but please put a comment into my profile, here

previous recruitment post with lots of trash talking

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Left ViciousAndViolent [6on6] Erupo89
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Left Midnight Society [Highlander] The Ace of Spades
Joined ViciousAndViolent [6on6] Erupo89
Joined Midnight Society [Highlander] The Ace of Spades
Left Name of the team [Highlander] antso the helper
Joined Name of the team [Highlander] antso the helper
Left Elated Xstasy [Highlander] viSte
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Left Legal Factory Tactics [Highlander] Erupo89
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  1. 4hp: c u nt said:

    He plays more around his buildings than aggressive shotgun play but you can count on always having a dispenser and teleporter at the right spots with him. Also fun guy who will make you good deals on hats :P

    Would recommend for any high team

  2. Erupo89: boii - MMS said:

    +rep good trader main and nice engie.
    thanks mate

  3. Hunterro: 1dead - kevin said:

    Not only a good builder, but brings a sense of calm that helps to centre a team. Strong pickup for any team.

  4. Erupo89: boii - MMS said:

    since when i bring a sense of calm? o.o