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Israel Lanzer

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I'm looking for a team that will help me win high or get a good place in playoffs.
I never tilt with my team in scrims and especially officals, never had personality issues with anyone so I can play with anyone.
I'm really keen and am willing to put a handsome amount of effort on improving as an individual and as a team.
I prioritize my comfort with members more than the tryhard spirit and wins obviously, less kids please.
Might be a bit slow to join community teams and might even not join the community so if you're a team based on a community who will force me to join it think twice before adding me.

Can roam and pocket I feel like playing pocket more than roamer.

No maincall.

Can offclass =) (i stab spies)

>I might come to lan < ^~^ >

PS. I'm not jewish thank you.

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Joined Not Yet Specified [Highlander] tatty
Left Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! [Highlander] Lanzer
Joined Foreskings [6on6] JackyLegs
Left Foreskings [6on6] Lanzer
Joined Foreskings [6on6] JackyLegs
Left PugChumps [6on6] Lanzer
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Left ghey [6on6] Lanzer
Left IRA MGE UNIT [2on2] eskimo
Joined Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! [Highlander] dqz
Left yes [1on1] Lanzer
Joined ghey [6on6] Lanzer
Left Nakedgaming v2.0 [Highlander] Mankind
Left Keyboard Warriors [6on6] Lanzer
Joined Nakedgaming v2.0 [Highlander] Mankind
Joined Keyboard Warriors [6on6] Kraken
Left iwate [6on6] Lanzer
Joined iwate [6on6] croix
Left Notorious 6 [6on6] Lanzer
Joined Notorious 6 [6on6] Marv
Left iwate [6on6] Lanzer
Joined Dayn Town [Fun Team] dqz
Joined IRA MGE UNIT [2on2] Lanzer
Joined iwate [6on6] m1xwell
Left 6kdrv. [6on6] Lanzer
Left Team Dirt [Highlander] Marv
Joined 6kdrv. [6on6] Vortex_Current
Left Anime Is Bad eSports [6on6] quicAAA
Joined Anime Is Bad eSports [6on6] quicAAA
Left Anime Is Bad eSports [6on6] quicAAA
Joined Anime Is Bad eSports [6on6] quicAAA
Joined Team Dirt [Highlander] Marv
Joined yes [1on1] Lanzer
Left dunno yet [6on6] Lanzer
Joined dunno yet [6on6] _Mark
Left Foreskings Jr. [6on6] Lanzer
Joined Foreskings Jr. [6on6] chodz
Left Ultijew [2on2] Lanzer
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  1. Koling said:


  2. earl: PAKI said:


  3. Kraken: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - A07 said:

    good player

    would be best suited on a team who loves piss fetish’s as much as he does

    pick him up

  4. Caeli: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - #T4F said:

    pick him up pls, i wanna see him succeed

  5. Celreo: - A07 said:

    epic he rekt me

  6. Sn0w said:

    Very friendly and good on any class, surely will do well in any top high team.

  7. quicAAA: .isbad said:

    was always keen to improve back in the day so wouldnt expect less now

  8. RaTSLaYeR: gandhi is said:


  9. MILKy said:

    is a weeb but a likeable one
    also very good at the game but who cares

  10. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - kiti said:


  11. croix said:

    very good player and very friendly person, got in the team mood very quickly so it was both pleasant to talk and play with. will never4get l4d2 lov u

  12. Elyassu: LANTURTLE said:

    Likes to piss on Edward. Good gamer and a nice guy!

  13. Jordy: dick - SENS said:

    Sick gamer, haven’t seen him play solly but he’s a great scout so I imagine him being great on solly as well.

  14. Marv: ᴀᴜᴛɪsᴍ said:

    never had personality issues with anyone so I can play with anyone. >I have a hatred for brits. >:(, yes my man, yes.

  15. Morni: PYSSY - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    Lanzer is quite PogChamp

  16. loopster: DABZ said:

    The best in my heart <3 . really nice guy and solid player !

  17. Pred: gandhi is said:

    cute accent, big fragger

  18. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - kiti said:

    best russian eu!!!!!!

  19. earl: PAKI said:

  20. Ama said:

    epic man

  21. Mercyless: Naked said:

    using the ping-skill equation lanzer appears to be the best soldier in eu

  22. ult1mate: said:


  23. wand00m: said:


  24. Ignis: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - said:

    lmao anime

  25. Gotti: Rakuzan said:

    nice d**k very good player omg

  26. Demos: Rakuzan - inv said:

    very solid worth picked

  27. Khum: T said:

    ez top prem

  28. cherryrendezvous: -chess- said:

    loves mge and homunculi breeding

  29. Manky said:


  30. eskimo: eskimo said:

    mega keen and mega grasp of game and mega

  31. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Trial) said:

    Nice guy with good aim, will be a solid pick for any high team

  32. marten: MUUQ said:

    good post-rock buddy

  33. Snowstorm said:

    the best evrey in tf2

  34. Aubriac: Tree said:

    cool words

    He’s a lad and a soldier with great dm and calls.

  35. extrasolar: officer - A07 said:


  36. Connor: nunya - gandhi is said:

    4:04 PM – lanzer: ok u owe me for the pug so BUMP MY REC POST pls and thank u

  37. lukas: nunya - said:

    17:07 – lanzer: bump me up son
    17:07 – Lukas: ?
    17:07 – lanzer: rec post
    17:07 – lanzer: i need assistance!
    17:07 – lanzer: fresh meat
    17:07 – lanzer: i followed u after the reckoner pug…

    also good guy with good aim

  38. Lanzer: _____iwate - NYS said:

    bump :c

  39. fluo: Ascent - gandhi is said:

    lovely guy, good at both scout and soldier

  40. Lanzer: _____iwate - NYS said:

    i’m still here…. T~T

  41. Scruff: Rakuzan - inv said:

    the best

  42. Lupus: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. said:

    jew that thinks he is russian