Medic  Mid Skill, Highlander

Hungary Hoolygan5

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Im looking for highlander team, main spot.
add me and Lets's talk.

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  1. fHater: waterboyz said:

    Best Medic in Hl played a lots of game with him. definetly recommending. :)

  2. TEK IT EZ: yns is dum said:

    Solid medic, good comms, shouldn’t let you down anywhere in mid. Comfortable with different strats and flexible. Definitely give him a trial. (Oh, and his english is better than it first sounds).

  3. Vavoline: exo. - said:


  4. Neon: L3RD - pootis XD said:

    good med with nice heal and good arrows
    pick him up

  5. Ken Noguchi: We Win said:

    good player i love

  6. sasami: VR said:

    gud med

  7. csiga: dP - pizza said:

    pick my boy up

  8. Reoccurring: said:

    great med

  9. nubbi: said:

    top lad, pick him up

  10. Gizmo.O: gO. - JJ said:

    I played with him in a team. As far as I can tell, he is doing his job correctly. Focused, calm player. I would recommend.

  11. BizBasz said:

    can do solid pub level with a good team

  12. BlazeTF: Chochy - pootis XD said:

    Great med, gives loads of buffs, at least top mid

  13. Salgo: gO. - Jaf. said:

    Great medic


  14. cL42 said:

    Great lad would recommend

  15. smiguel: KT said:

    good med

    shit gamemode LOLHL

  16. TurbAndy said:

    godd 6s med, clutch arrows

  17. n1ven: ?! - said:

    Dont know if mid, but he is a friendly guy, would definitely worth a try!

  18. nubbi: said:

    bump it!

  19. Geri: ζ said:

    pick him up, really good medic