Sniper  Prem Skill, Highlander

England PROKY

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ETF2L looking to main in prem next season

add me

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  1. Georgebaii: KaoS - LADS said:

    Gold doesnt exist u mong xd

  2. Just1s: eXtv - Lucrosa said:

    But it does. Plat now is pretty much gold + 2-3 plat teams
    Also really good sniper, should finally play in prem.

  3. slambergcaiz: Sandbitch! - TDsnt said:

    he sends me nice snapchat pictures so he much be good

  4. swae lee: AE - EDO said:


  5. Vclox_: (°)> said:

    Killed cloudy @i58

  6. Cryyy: MANNDEM. - VaC said:


  7. Global: officer - LADS said:

    porky > cloudy tbh

  8. Maccy: (°)> said:

    My guy 👌🏿Pounds when we scrim with him

  9. Anus Stretcher: C00L - VaC said:

    who is this guy?

  10. PROKY: FRESH - XD said:


  11. cloudy: R6S - S-O said:

    lol (haha)

  12. MoistPenguin: (League Admin) - BNB - TC said:

    9th best sniper in mid

  13. Boku: Autistic said:

    really super prem can do mid

  14. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - pizza said:

    He’s actually a medic main a heart, don’t believe his lies of liking sniper instead.

    “Yeah you’re right Aoshi, I’m bad” – Porky

  15. Clark: B5 - SDCK said:

    He was only half bad when he merced for SDCK.


  16. woolen: SDCK said:

    owo whats this

  17. Speedead: @ said:

    have rekt banny good guy

  18. Jelly: FRESH - (°)> said: muh black-skin toned friend.

  19. Spirit: Cow - said:

    can consume alcohol

  20. PROKY: FRESH - XD said:


  21. Chime: NRLY said:

    besides the memes and banter he’s actually a decent sniper, pick him up :>

  22. MoistPenguin: (League Admin) - BNB - TC said:

    is not skilled at pootis, would not recommend.

  23. Cryyy: MANNDEM. - VaC said:

    By far the best lft

  24. Teatime: KaoS - pizza said:

    will bring your team both good snipes and publicity due to running a very successful stream

  25. Anus Stretcher: C00L - VaC said:

    if one guy had once then there would like be over